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As season eight of “Doctor Who” concluded with the girl in shop whom being given out the Doctor’s Tardis Phone number in throughout this season with Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor.. With his companion Clara Oswald- Jenna Coleman, whom this season story is also about the imamate story with Clara’s Boyfriend Rupert- Danny Pink- Samuel Anderson… And as their relationship grew timey adventurously form the same school that the Doctor appeared in Coal Hill School in 1963.. As when Susan Forman as a student.. With her grandfather The Doctor… in that first Verity Lambert written episode of “The Unearthly Child” with her teachers Barbara and Ian.. as the two new companions …

In this season we get to see progressively whom is that girl in that shop whom is telling about the Doctor’s tardis phone number… in which turns out to be a mysteriously  Victorian Nanny Dressed lady named Missy.. In turn for Mistress… as in term for the Master… in which the Cybermen are back also briefly the Daleks.. Leading an intense struggle with the Doctor and Mistress-Master… should be interesting to see what happens to the Doctor in the Christmas Special, as without Clara this time as for grieving for Danny… but with Santa to help to save the day…

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