STAR WARS | your Millennium Falcon 3D Backpack helps you through that daily Kessel run..?

super hero stuff- star wars – millennium falcon backpack

If you wondering what to carry with you when you go back to the office, every day carry wear, or simply back to school to carry your work or everyday basics gear.. Then this Backpack is for you whom what to adventure with into the day… It’s a” Star Wars”  “Millennium Falcon Back packs” …. It’s design to carry your Laptop, with books, also it has compartments not for you hide in from the stormtroopers that you encounter but rather to hide and store you pens, and your smartphone,  a moderately size external drive , or that smartphone external power supply..

The Millennium Falcon Back packs… Comes in with a timeless light grey colour in a reasonable height of 19 inches so that it cover most daily basics with the top view of the modified YT-1300 in  its beautifully details to its panelling.. The carrying shoulder strap is adjustable so it’ll gives you that comfort during adventuring day with its water resistance shell… Also once hung it becomes that brilliant wall art that you carry around with you all the time… also it has that beautiful embroidered rebel symbol at the back too..

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