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As “Star Trek Prelude to Axanar” premiered on the month of August 2014… Explaining in a documentary of recalling between two sides of the key people whom took part in between the Federation and the Klingon Empire in a four year war which lead to its conclusion at “Axanar”…  as the production continues and progresses.. in developing into a web and hopefully into a television series in which to explain a story before Captain James T. Kirk sat on that command chair on the Enterprise after three Captains..

In this Christian Gossett, writer and Director, shows us in behind the scenes of effects side of the production in getting a facial Cast made, from head of Actress Ana Alexander whom role in the production is surprisingly mysteriously kept..  The head casting is done by the team from Academy, BAFTA, awarding “Makeup and effects Laboratories” doing Props, costuming, creatures, Animations also Prosthetic Make up… the team lead, Kevin Haney applying the process of doing a life cast by applying many componet layers in getting that casting..

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