DOCTOR WHO | the doctor lands-into darkness……?

In this installment of this season of “Doctor Who”, season eight, this seems one of the darkest seasons yet to date with a slight Victorian edge… Looking at the trailer reminds me of Steven Moffatts darkest written work Jekyll, featuring James Nesbitt.  From  it appears seeming that the old Enemies  The Daleks, The Cybermen are back seeming that there are new ones in the making aswell in the recent line up whom would like to antagonised as casting reveal that Keely Hawes formerly from Spooks also from  the sequel from “Life on Mars”  Ashes to Ashes, as her character as Ms Dephox..

In seeming in the trailer “in darkness – The Doctor lands” seeming the Tardis has a new desktop theme, seeming that Peter Capaldi’s Doctor  has done some accessorising,  seeming added a library where the round things are in that Tardis control room, or bridge..  In this season eight, presumably it’s all about the Doctor rediscovering about himself has he asked a question to Clara Oswald “… Am I a good man..?”  She replies unsurely “…I don’t know…” thinking she’s a little bit crushed that she miss the 11th Doctor… in that the change in that companion relationship from sort of a boyfriend type to a new guy..

With this season we get to see in the first episode slated at “Deep Breath” in which is the return to Victorian London with the Patemoster Gang, Madame Vastra Jenny Flint, and the lovable Sontaran Strax… partaking the nursing the twelfth Doctor back to health presumably that the first thing that Clara remembers for looking for help… the first episode “Deep Breath” is aired on 23th August 2014 BBC one….

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