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Tardis play tent – Thinkgeek

if you wondering what to do with your children, to keep them actively mentally adventuring  during that rainy or that snowed in day indoors, you could provide them with some creative imaginationally output in Playing around in and out Tardis Play tent.. Also their private place to read endless amounts of books in during before bedtime..

The exterior of the play tent is a sturdy durable constructive Canvas, also hand washable just in case that your buddy resident Gallifreyan children happen to adventure too much…  it’s features Matt Smith’s first Tardis interior desktop theme, with it lighted inside with a torch, or a reading floor lamp it gives a warm inviting to stay in there long for some adventurous reading..

The Tardis play tent is about 61 inches tall, and 35.5 inches square…. Given it a reasonable size for your children to adventure in and out…. Also it unfolds out into as a great bedroom divider between two beds…  like to know more where your children could do more imagination adventuring  with the Tardis Play tent… from Thinkgeek..?

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