Star trek | your very cute constitution class projector alarm clock

Ever wish where you wish you could have a classic Enterprise.. Without having to make it as a model kit set and have it nearby your beside… well you can.. This is a projector clock very much like the Doctor who white cute Dalek Projector clock… where it makes as fascinating to have on work desktop or your bed side stand..  The Connie otherwise known to be the constitution class.. is about nine inches long so it fits comfortable with your bedside lamp..

The projector Enterprise projects the time onto the wall or ceiling in red…. The warp Nacelles charges to warp when the alarm goes off.. Also it has a back lit display Just in case for faster time referring in the daytime… It’s featuring sounds are of the Klaxons red alerting you.. Also with the sounds of Photon torpedoes.. Plus Captain kirk calling from the Bridge..

Like to know more where you can ship yard your Enterprise Projector clock… at Thinkgeek..?

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