STAR TREK ONLINE | Fourth year anniversary – season 8.5

It’s the fourth year anniversary of Star Trek online.. Also it’s also Chinese Year New year, in which it’s the year of the Horse. To the celebrate the event in season eight point five, that there’s a featured episode “A step between Stars”  in which Tim Russ reprises his role as Admiral Turvok.. in that episode you’ll get to assist Admiral Turvok in an investigation in the centre of the Solanae Dyson Sphere..  With that episode you’ll get to earn points to obtain a Dyson Science destroyer Starship also other Dyson destroyer variants in which faction that you’re in…

Also within the fourth year Anniversary, there’s new update on the gameplay, like the presently on Shuttle Player vs Player something that’s pretty new, also to that it will probably be a good training ground with using the basics for Starship PVP environments… making you game harder just with the basics unitizing your basics without the incurred abilities..

Another interesting aspect of gameplay is that you could switch your Starships in between sector or the social spaces, but in that there’s a one minute shipyard cool down duration… Where interesting where you could utilizes your Starship in which is specifically build for different mission types to the current situation in the environment… another different aspect is the  immediate access to you bank where you load up on that specific equipment..  also makes sense also that all that armour, kit, ground base equipment  that’ve been storing up should be in wardrobe fashionably in your ship’s armory..

Like to know more about season eight point five also its release notes of Star Trek online.. ?

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