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This came today, well early this morning as the prelude of the Day of the Doctor.. Here we  see the beginnings of the making of the Doctor at War, The Doctor whom have battle, battled out so very hard into, out from the Time War, between the Timelords and the Daleks. Both sides have massively suffered so much where both civilizations are beyond repair…

In this case, we have the Doctor (Paul Mc Gann) whom is the Eighth generation…..  War batten… The Universe is fragmentised, and there’s almost nothing left…  Whom is Taridisly following a ship, which is distressed falling apart… Then later boards the stricken ship, with the only occupant aboard, Kess making emergency landing apond to a Planet Khan where the Doctor has visited there before… That case where the stories, a long time ago gave way to the Exlir in his regeneration process….  Known throughout the Universe the Daleks and the Timelords are despites. But one exception of the one the Doctor..

The Both Crashed, among them only their lives are very remain timely precious.. Kess is barely alive.. The Doctor is slightly only preciously four minutes left.. He is given again the gratitude, favor back is to save his life, regenerative again..  but he choose to become the name Warrior.. Instead the incumbent The Doctor.. Becoming …”The War Doctor”

His story continues in the  BBC | Doctor Who – Day of the Doctor.. on the 23rd November 2013….. so prepare your Sonic Screwdrivers…

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