SHERLOCKING THE ENTERPRISE- into darkness presumptionally

You may have seen the reboot Enterprise damagely injured during the super bowl trailer. Also the teaser trailer too. At first off the Enterprise seems drifting and plunging deorbiting, straight towards Earth.   From what I’ve presume that the Enterprise suffered intensely in combat that it was out maneuverer by a quick swift vessel presumably a Klingon Bird of Prey, as seen in the teaser trailer, or the if was Starfleet vessel in mind it would be a Miranda Class variant which as the same turn rate attack faster than the Constitution class, to the nature of its design as a frontal tanking Starship.

Let’s start off with a given incident with a Klingon Bird of Prey from the prime universe design, by the combat damage to the Enterprise. Knowing that the Klingon Bird of Prey uses Disruptors, its weapons burst pounding heavily the Enterprise’s  shields will simply drain it away rapidly, the constant pounding, from this image here. I would say the Enterprise was out manoeuvred, it’s disposition showed that the portside (left side) also topside. The ship looks like if its subsystems and its multiples have been shot, also its auxiliaries too.

As for the saucer section at first looking at it seems the after section has lost the port impulse engineering section also the recreation section cavity has been destroyed among with the bowling alley. There have been multiple direct hits on the saucer section; it seems the opponent came in front of the Enterprise, then turn about to score on top from the portside. With tanking from to the Enterprise’s rear with one torpedo like impact to the forward top of the saucer section and it seems during the time the Enterprise has some flesh wound hits to the forward, starboard mainly also to the rear side top. It seems that the Enterprise was evading from its opponent and out manoeuvred, by a faster turn rated BOP. With the damage to the recreation area

As for the engineering section, it’s suffered considerable damage, presume that the warp core have injected out with among  with the antimatter containment bottles, or units, to avoid a warp core breach in progress, it’s batteries are down, or near completely exhaustion where is life support is focusing now the main focus.  There’s one sever damage portside warp nacelle, it’s completely inoperative than to the stern (right side) its buzzard collectors are shot, plus the Magnatomic Flux construction, outboard power stage flux Chillier shot.  Also in the process the warp coils are inoperative, the stern nacelle could be later modify to be used given the ship was in a repairable manner, at the moment, given the circumstances the Enterprise is beyond repair given that the structural damage it impacted on from deorbiting crashing to San Francisco’s harbour.


Just an update, given my presumptions of that the Enterprise, have been in combat in with a presume Klingon Bird of Prey, or a rebooted design Miranda, class star ship, in this clip of the latest trailer, it appears seem that the Enterprise was in combat with a ship twice it’s volume, given an original timeline akin to Galaxy class Starship.

It appears that both ships met, face to face with John Harrison’s Dreadnaught, and multiple exchanges of Phaser firing, with either of and with oncoming interesting torpedo probe, very similar to the bio neural warhead that was used in Star trek Voyager, where it first has its own firing Phaser, or disrupter mechanism to weaken the shields first by draining it, then once it did its purpose so, it then does the fully folly of impacting with massive Kinect Damage.  Very close to the design of the one seen on Warhead episode, where it has artificial life self-consciousness.

It seems like the combat was over in between the Earth and Luna, Earth’s moon. And the battlements were a traditionally side by side, then move to a dive in approach, to out manoeuvre, but in the ended with no avialments of being equal in this combat.

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