ARMAGEDDON 2012 | Auckland- cosplay

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This year has been an interesting year for Cosplay at Armageddon Auckland 2012. There’s been more adventurous creativeness ones this year.  Also some of the classic ones like the Star Wars and Star Trek genre, there have been more in storm troopers in variant uniforms between the two of three trilogies also the clone wars, mostly done by the 501st legion, as to Star Trek there’s been the classic TOS series, also the post TNG series during to Ambassador Jean Luc Picard time.

As to comics it was matched in between the Marvel and DC characters, The Avengers  Thor and his brother Loki, also other justice of the league mainly a few superman’s, and Supergirl. Also the injustice alyssum characters as well. There was another interesting mix Watchmen also added to the mix there were some Anime and Manga .

Also retro cosplay is coming back in, Ghostbusters. Steam punk is still the classic vintage but just wondering when Electro punk is coming in. As to gaming Master Chief tops it for the newly release of Halo four, in which the game is supported by a Halo intriguing written web series| Forward unto Dawn in con junction of Machima and 343 Industries.   Following the lead is the Assassin creed cosplays from the previous series; also a new comer is the prequel Lara Croft for the up and coming game which is due out next year.

What’s so pretty different than to last year is that there’s more creativeness, as so cosplayed Doctor who creativity, of girls in Tardis and Dalek dresses, also some pretty cool unique individual ones, also there’s one whom featuring Codex| Cyd Sherman’s in game character The Guild played by the Felicia Day.

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