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During May2021 The World’s Leading Public Transport provider The MTR Hong Kong – Hong Kong SAR-China- People’s Republic of China..  In which ever so constantly the MTR Hong Kong have been grown innovatively providing  In order to provide faster and more convenient rail services for the residents of Hong Kong SAR –China – People’s Republic of China…. Which there’s a new extension south of the Tuen Mun Line   In the Tuen Mun South Extension will inject more vibrancy into Tuen Mun South and provide added convenience for residents to travel around. A number of facilities in the district will also be upgraded. Let’s watch a short video to explore Tuen Mun and this energetic new railway extension.

The 屯門南延綫 #TuenMunSouthExtension will extend the Tuen Ma Line from Tuen Mun Station to the vicinity of Tuen Mun Ferry Pier, providing more options for residents to travel around. Let’s watch the video to learn more about the Tuen Mun South Extension:

The new extension project is now in the design stage and your opinions are welcome. You may also find more information about this energetic new railway extension at the roving exhibitions which are now being held in different locations in Tuen Mun South in these few weeks. For more details on the exhibitions, please visit the brand new Tuen Mun South

Calista Lam – Asina Para Games Women’s Single SUS Bronze Medal Tuen Mun is still a new Town? You can’t be Serious! Tuen Mun is a place that I am very familiar with. We have grown together, Tuen Mun has developed into a diverse community with food, accommodation and entertainment, and many of my Friends enjoy hanging out here making Tuen Mun an energetic place Just like Me….!

Railway Strengthens Connections – with More convenient transportation, friends can visit Tuen Mun more easily, It all deepens the links between people Tuen Mun is now visited by a continuous stream of people making this place energetic and lively …. Tuen Mun South Extension – Estimated travelling time is less than five minutes, the extension is approximately 2.4 kilometers long.   Railway promotes Community Developments – Siu Hei Sports ground – Apart from recreation facilities in Tuen Mun, Gold Coast, There are many appealing attractions. A more convenient railway network could attract more people to visit the attractions in Tuen Mun… Lam Tei Reservoir Look Many people come for hiking and having fun on the beach during holidays, I have also been to the hottest check- in spots… Ho Wo Street – Ching Chung Koon…

The Tuen Mun South MTR line also strengthening Mobility Connecting Life’s Journeys through town centres in which extending the Railway for a Better future in what could foster the future development of Tuen Mun.. A more Convenient transport network is surely important …It will be perfect if green features are incorporated into the design of the new railway Stations. Living in a green Community makes people more energetic … Green Concept – I have heard that some community facilities will be upgraded under the new railway project, right?

Right – Nelson Yeung – Project Manager –TME- The new extension is design for the community in which upgrading the community Facilities in which there will provisioning of some green gardens and green stations for the community installing a new swimming pool also various facilities will be upgraded and there will be indoor pools …. Besides Connecting different places the Tuen Mun South Extension is also designed with features catering for the community’s needs to promote resident’s quality of life …. This new railway extension is now in its design stage I would like to listen to different opinions. In which Please Tell us your thoughts …… in the Tuen Mun South Extension for the Public Consultation is under way.

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