#RocketLab #火箭實驗室|#Electron #AstroDigital | #AsTheCrowFlies like that constellation #Corvus the crows of #CubeSats…

Rocket Lab 火箭實驗室 | #ThisOnesForPickering providing #LaunchServicesProgram to launch two cute educational #CubeSats #ELaNa19 #ELaNaXIX – Dedication Launch towards the late Sir William Pickering… Providing that role is the Electron Rocket..

On a fourteen day launch window in which is launching inbetween 14th -28th October 2019, it’s the launch of the Rocket Lab 火箭實驗室 an American Space Carrier Rocket Company, based in New Zealand….  The mission is named As “The Crow Flies”, in which the name of the Carbon printed fibre fuselage construction Electron Carrier Rocket... Launching in between 1200 towards 1600 New Zealand Date –Daylight savings Time… Launching from New Zealand North Island’s Mahia Peninsula Launch Complex One …..

The payload manufacturer is Digital Astro, Huntington Beach Californian Company. In which they’re also satellite manufacturer in which they’ve been in the satellite manufacturing for least than five years… Corvus is a CubeSats, in which Tailoring a customed built variant satellites of mission specifications of 6U and 16U CubeSats to ESPA Class…

“On 17th October 2019, launching from the Rocket Lab’s one of two launch complexes, one in North Island New Zealand, Mahia Peninsula, launching successfully in with a clear blue day on in which mostly of the currently month of October has been throughout thunderstorms and rain of an on-going late winters spring.. .Launching with any arising issues only previously that which didn’t met launch criteria is the New Zealand’s four seasons in one day weather… “

The livery patch of the mission As the Crow Flies, resembles the constellation Corvus as the small satellite, in which a ninth mission as it orbits the earth

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