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Hong Kong Space Museum – Tsim Shan Tsui.

In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong after a short two year duration of renovations at the Hong Kong Space Museum located in at 10 Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong in which leading up towards two hundred exhibits from One Hundred in which consisting on Thirty two million Hong Kong Dollars (USD 4.1 Million- NZD 8.2 Million) in which re-open on 25th April 2018… in which the displays are made more interactive than the ones that was previously exhibited in which gives the visitors more an understanding about space sciences, Astronomy with more interactive, animated exhibits …

Hong Kong Space Museum – Nishimura – Solar Telescope array

Is recently addition towards the Hong Kong Space Museum is the installation of a multiple array   solar scope in which is manufactured by Nishimura Co.Ltd.. In which is manufactured in Japan Kyoto… in which they do manufacture and sell extremely high graded research telescopes towards research, educationally…

Hong Kong Space Museum All Sky – Looking dome wise of Tsim Sha Tsui..


Hong Kong Space Museum – Solar Telescope Hydrogen filter..

The Solar Telescope array is installed on top of the Hong Kong Space Museum flat roof top location in which is situated on top, not on the International Iconic Dome section of the museum… The flat top location is also where they do night time starry night sky telescope viewing from … The Solar Scope array unit is composited of four telescopes, 白光影像 White Light Images,  氫α影像 Hydrogen Alpha Images, 鈣-K影像 Calcium K Images, 全天影像 All-Sky Images….  In which can be viewed live indoors at the exhibition hall through its individual large round screens.. in which shows different spectra of the sun’s surface layer the Alpha depicted the hydrogen colour of the sun, the Calcium K spectra depicts looking at the cooler layer of the sun..  In which you can view the Hong Kong Space Museums Solar Scope online as it refreshes the image.. every

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