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Hong Kong Space Museum – The thirty selected Hong Kong Students, from one hundred and ten schools around the Hong Kong city region to participate for the year 2018 CNSA young Taikonaut-Astronaut Training program…


In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, thirty selected Hong Kong Students, from one hundred and ten schools around the Hong Kong city region, from one hundred and sixty students  for the Taikonauts- Chinese Astronauts training camp that   were selected for an inspiration Career path that’ll take them into Space Sciences, or the Sciences in there selective field in eight day  CNSA- China National Space Administration  in the Young –Taikonaut-Astronaut Training program in which they will head to Beijing for the 30th July to 6th August 2018…..

It is the tenth year in which Hong Kong Space Museum with its Hong Kong Government Partners sponsoring the CNSA young Taikonaut-Astronaut Training program..… in which local Hong Kong schools can nominate two students with the forwarding documentations forwarding expiring date before 31st May 2018 or hand in person to the Hong Kong Space museum.. In which they will be selected by interviewing process.. Who have a key interest in inspiring interest in astronomy and space science, and deepen their understanding of China’s space industry and Chinese culture.  Also as part of interviewing three rounds process involves exam like questionnaires, in Astronomy, Space Sciences also their Physical abilities as part of the round up is the interviewing process for those selected..


The group of thirty Young CNSA young Taikonaut-Astronaut Training program, during the program will visit key CNSA facilities, also  get to meet also learn from the China’s national heroes from the Space Program also visit the Taikonauts training center in which they will receive the real training methods that they undertake, partake in  how Taikonauts train, with learning how to wear the EVA suit with psychological and blood redistribution adaptability training… in preparedness during training..


During the 17th July 2018 week the celebrated send of by the Hong Kong Space Museum also its associated Hong Kong Government partners “Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung (centre), Acting Secretary for Home Affairs Jack Chan (third left) and Director of Leisure & Cultural Services Michelle Li (second right) attend the Young Astronaut Training Camp Send-off Ceremony.”


In which during the week of 17th July 2018 as the year 2018 CNSA young Taikonaut-Astronaut Training program group was given a celebrating send-off Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung, with the establish STEM Hong Kong program, the Hong Kong SAR Government will inject with an increasing more into resources, resourcing more strengthenly into sciences, technologies and innovations education to further Hong Kong’s schools and secondary schooling Cultivated talents in those fields..  Among with the Celebrating send-off is Acting Secretary for Home Affairs Jack Chan, Director of Leisure & Cultural Services Michelle Li… The key sponsors for the timeless education endeavoring experience in the selection process is the Hong Kong Space Museum,  Hong Kong Government- Leisure and Cultural Services Department, The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong, Astronaut Center of China, JSLC  in which provided the training , transportation, accommodation for all participating students. Also Cathay Pacific Airways..

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