#DoctorWho #13th |#teaser Jodie Whittaker introduction of what’s to come for eleventh season ….

During the conclusion of the 2018 FIFA Soccer world cup in which France won against the Croatian team in which the New Doctor Who teaser trailer has a world cup theme to as in the background simulcast the soccer match as it introduce the three new companions into the thirteenth storyline featuring Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole also Mandip Gill..  The introduction reflects three back in time moments has Jodie Whittaker – The Doctor transcends back towards through time and space those three lost moments.. With the iconic walking  sweep .. The traditional tomato sauce bake beans breakfast…  Missing out the last slice of pizza.. Instead she receives a new box of pizza as time slows down… Also Child-Teen recollection ….

The new series of Jodie Whittaker 13th Doctor focus more of her story as she  – regenerated from the 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi as the new series introduction she begins to explore also finding her TARDIS in which it’ll be interesting to see what the new desktop theme interior would look like adapting to her style.. In which we see on October 2018 – directed by Jamie Childs..  Jodie Whittaker introduction as the 13th was seen in the Christmas special of 2017, with a rebranding commissioned to little hawk …..

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