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Square Enix has been known for its many iconic gaming of its Final Fantasy series, like the One Man Army –Lightning in Final Fantasy 13 series… its newest project in which is Live Interactive Works in which providing location based entertainment in attaching locations like of Shopping malls, open –event spaces, theme parks in which what the location place as long it can be project on a massive wall / floor either flat or circular..

One iconic game attraction is Space Invaders that you can play versa with a group of twenty friends, or other players shooting down numerous of invaders as they approaching you, in which whom has the highest number of hits wins on the score board… in which historically develop from Taito Co. LTD in which release into the entertainment video gaming world in which has been the icon of all games reflecting back to the 1980’s in which was a massive global hit in which has been the hallmarks of the gaming world… Square Enix Live Interactive Works is featured in numerous locations in Japan also that you can hire out game for well plan event that you had in mind…

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