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On the London Christmas Day 25th December 2017, The Doctor Who – Christmas Special -Twice Upon Time  in which featured both Doctors the first and the twelfth replaying William Hartnell is David Bradley with Peter Capaldi as the storyline gears up two regenerations in the cliff hanger conclusion – we saw the introduction of the 13th Doctor – Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor.. in which the destruction of the interior of the TARDIS as she regenerates from 12th towards the 13th regeneration as we saw in the transition from David Tenants towards Matt Smith’s Tardis interior, In which among to which other interior regenerations… When comes April 2018 where it starts airing we’ll see the new desktop theme… In which when it comes for another scene of the where the secondary Tardis control room is required…

As Season eleven comes to air April 2018, in where directed by Jamie Childs- Nikki Wilson Producer among, show executive runner by Chris Chibnall- Broadchurch whom placed after Steven Moffatt in which should be interesting to see what the Tardis interior of the 13th is…. As the 12th Desktop Theme is deconstructed for 13th theme that represents her in telling her story… as each Tardis interior represents each regeneration storylines..

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