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As On the 24th of November 2015, I went to see BBC- Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi in Conversationin which was held in the 1920’s Art Deco Glamour, Grand mistress of All New Zealand and Auckland at the Civic… it was interesting to listen to his journey, life of Peter Capaldi in life before, during, as the 12th Doctor….. Also as he talks about also with his companion Clara Oswald- the impossible girl- Jenna Coleman whom now the lead in ITV- Victoria… also now the life as they work, also after work together… it was interesting how even Jenna left the show. As the production continues Peter miss her, her working together…  Even though.. Thank you Peter Capaldi’s for 12th Doctor… in which during Comic Con San Diego 2017 they released celebrating the best moments of the twelve Doctor in between stories transitioning from Jenna Coleman’s Clara Oswald to – Pear Mackie’s Bill Potts off course and Nardole (Matt Lucas)… as we awaits for thirteenth- Jodie Whittaker…….

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