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On 16 July 2017 it’s almost time for the announcement of the thirteenth, in straight after the Men’s Wimbledon 2017 final in which this teaser trailer gives the introduction of the transition from the Twelfth Doctor- Peter Capaldi as in the Doctor Who Christmas special as the last time we left off is when the 12th Doctor starting to halt the regeneration process, in a snow bound environment in which he meet his first generation in which sets the tone for the oncoming adventuring for with William Hartwell’s – David Bradley ‘s Doctor in which he played well of Hartwell’s likeness….  In which well see “The Doctors” written by Rachel Talalay- Steven Moffat…

The introduction teaser sets the tone that Yale Key, that simple Yale Key that’s been the hallmark of unlocking that Chameleon faulted stuck Type 40 TARDIS is awaiting for the thirteenth in which that leading story writing is transition to the Chris Chinball whom has been writing for Steven Moffatt in numerous times for Doctor Who also for Sherlock…  The Number Thirteen has been place in iconic locations around the world call the thirteenth Doctor as the that Yale TARDIS key starts dialling up that parking Brake sound.. in view of this wondering that the thirteenth Doctor is a female Doctor, in which speculations of that sparks various intense interest.. as the in last season of tenth it concluded the John Simms Master storyline in which he shot him-herself –Missy in the back in resulting a full circle in the Master – Missy Storyline where Missy finally saw herself, being emotionally – loving attached to the Doctor……

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