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………. Go Atlas V! Go Centaur! Go StarLiner”

As ULA- United Launch Alliance, Boeing in preparations of sending crew to International Space Station, also into space starting off with the CST-100 (Crew Service Transportation module) in which that module is ten times reusable for is lifetime duration… as the preparations currently in progress with its maiden flight in 2018, in which the Atlas V – CST-100 certification progress finalized in 2017.. in which is launch complex is based at Space Launch Complex SLC-41 with its Crew servicing White Room ready to go.. for the 2018 launch Calendar from NASA KSC Cape Canaveral Air Force Station ….

In this you’re ready suited up fashionably with Boeing’s Next Generation signature blue Flight suit with touch enable gloves then transported to the launch complex, seated , prepared inside the StarLiner, once seated then prepared with Boeing Launch Control..  Once launched the various components of the Atlas destaging with your StarLiner powered up with the Centaur then unstaging, your StarLiner CST-100 will be on its way to, dock with the International Space Station for the duration of your stay until you return with a land based returned landing ….

Note.. Given that you watch this 360 view its Best to view it with the YouTube Application for best experience..

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