#AirNewZealand #GoingTheDistance | #ValentinesDay going that distance…… Joanna and Vanessa’s story..

“Love (noun) I unselfish, loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another… transcends age, culture and borders…”  Air New Zealand

When “Air New Zealand” posted what would you do in going for the distance about a fortnight ago, in which love comes in, with different elements with different stories.. In which Air New Zealand wanting to know whom you’ll be missing this Valentine’s Day 14th February 2017.….  in which is either with Wife,  Husband, daughters sons, best friends and cousins.. Parents, grandparents and long lost lovers in which like the Arrival gates like of Hong Kong International Airport, or Auckland, or that iconic scene in love Actually in Heathrow where the British Prime Minister voice over by actor Hugh Grant explains an emotional synopsis of  celebratory love at the Arrival gates..  In which “Air New Zealand” is inviting you whom you’ll be missing on this Valentine’s Day… in which they want to know..…… As Air New Zealand posting going the distance for Valentine’s Day on its various socials, as many responded that they wanting to know.. One story stuck out for a Mother, Joanna from Christchurch, New Zealand whom have a best friendship kinship Vanessa whom lives outside Manchester United Kingdom..

Their story started off together when they both met in the same company, working for in 1994, from then onwards their developing relationship blossomed since that year 1996 Valentine’s Day.. in which time progressively onwards they share their stories, Vanessa met her husband Mike in Canada in which later in getting marrying then coming to Christchurch to live… in which that 1996 Valentine’s Day they had a wonderful morning had a wonderful morning walk unfortunate Mike passed away..  From that day Joanna and Vanessa spend more time together… Even though it’s met as long distance relationship in friendship…  as querying back a question posed by Air New Zealand Joanna replied back “So I said that I missed my Friend Vanessa.. And I love her and  that I would like to see her again.. “ So Air New Zealand choosingly  decide to send Joanna to on a surprise meet up to Manchester to see her, also giving Vanessa New Zealand Bound ticket to come along too..

#GoingTheDistance #ValentinesDay

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