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As currently Aired on “ITV” 28 August 2016  is the eight episode of season one ” Victoria”, one of the most of many iconic self- powerful independent women of the 20th century… Played by Doctor who, The Doctor’s Parallel Clara Oswald is Jenna Coleman whom viewed beginnings from BBC Emmerdale then into her own Type 40 Tardis adventuring towards another role that help shape the British Monarchy in restoring to its golden years.. in which in that time period in Qing Dynasty Imperial second to last Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager CiXi feared her, but inspired the Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Longyu, and two the three previous last Emperors Tongzhi- ZaiChun, Guangxu- Zaitian also Emperor Henry PuYi-Xuantong to have a British Constitutional Monarchy system in Imperial China by her successes..

As this series, Victoria explores the teenage human side of the queen at the age of eighteen whom mostly lived in Kensington palace the,  also the making of the queen as become heir to the throne at an very early age as finally surviving the death of King William IV when news broke to her mother that Victoria is the Heir….  Onwardly with constant personal, emotional challenges as she gradually matures in readiness in the massive responsibilities that lies before her then becomes one of the most powerful women in the world… Like other powerfully women in history akin to Emperor-Empress Wu of the Zhou-Tang Dynasty… the series explores from her teenage years towards in marrying Prince Albert towards being a mother in ruling an Empire as it faces ever changing challenges as those life  challenges were self penned in her Diaries of her everyday life …..


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