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In the recently build up towards PROC China’s CNSA- China National Space Administration rocket launching systems programme in heading towards CNSA’s launch complex in Hainan Province for a later launch this year launch calendar, as they recently announce the new CNSA’s Martian rover concept design in which its launch date is 2020 also with the construction extension of addition of more modules to the CNSA’s space station in which is fashion like the Russian’s Mir Space Station..  The Long March five series rocket is presumably the option in lifting heavy payloads into orbit with as been the PROC’s largest Carrier rocket to date, in which is heading out for trials at Wenchang from its Tianjin construction yard….. its comparison system is in between the Boeing’s Atlas four, ULA- United Launch Alliance Delta four heavy or Space X falcon nine systems..

Having its main large fuselage (CZ-5-500) with five meters in diameter with a total length of sixty two meters with four main separation boosters (CZ-5-300) launch with a payload weight of to low earth orbit of twenty five tonnes, with Geo stationary orbit of fourteen tonnes as its main stage engines is fuel by super cold liquid Hydrogen and Oxygen… it has two stages in sum in which one main stage with secondary stage ( CZ-5-HO) to provide the addition of option of a tertiary stage ( Yuanzheng 2) for extended higher attitude orbit….. There has been numerous learnt modifications, two hundred new technologies components learning from the previous generation…  it should be interesting to see whether this is the one that going to be used for the proposed CNSA’s Martian Rover learnt from NASA’s Martian Exploration rovers….

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