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“… May the force be with us… “…………..Jyn Erso…Felicity Jones

This Thursday 11th America time   or 12th Friday New Zealand time August 2016, Lucas Films will be releasing the newly long awaiting second release trailer of the “Star Wars Story” episodes that explains the stories in between behind the three main saga trilogies during the Rio Olympic Coverage premiering explain the main storyline of how Jyn Erso, a Rebellion soldier and criminal, is set become one of the greatest heroines of the Rebellion.. .. Also a new vehicle the U wing in which is inspired out in-between a A and X wing also the modern late 20th Century equivalent to the Grumman fighter aircraft F-14 USAF retired Tomcats with the sweep wing look configurations..

The long a waited Star Wars Story “Rouge One” in due to screen on 16 December 2016, in which a team of highly trained rebellion resistance pilots with various sorts of backgrounds,  whom are a like in the same type of Viper outfit like admiral Adama is in his early days in Battlestar Galatica- Blood and Chrome. .. The rebellion resistance pilots who are skilled operating in dangerous missions in enemy lines… In this we get to see the action, the story what happened before the New Hope, where before Princess Leia actually possess the plans of the Empire Death Star Mark one, as we seen in the episode of the Return of the Sith… also it should be interesting to see how it integrated into that first scene leading up to the New hope, above Tatooine….  Where the centric lead character story on Jyn Erso a street criminal whom becomes a rebellion solider is when she is offered a reprieved notice unless she in assisting in obtaining information about stealing the information of a massive devastating weapon The Death…..

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