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As Season six “Game of thrones” return on 24 April 2016, we recall back to the last season where the Daenerys Targaryen- Emilia Clarke, has been misplaced after where her dragon rescued her after where Tyrion Lannister- Peter Dinklage have found her, also finding her other two dragons this season and trying to understand why they were held captive under by their mother..

As the beyond the Wall, things don’t look that well as the White Walkers, have now amass an army, from the dead, where ever so increasing they’re going to breach that wall, where the last remains of the Knight’s watch in Castle Black… however yet is to be determine about Jon Snow’s fate after that fatal stabbing of his Men as the Red Woman watches what’s to be done with him..  as to the fates of the Stark family, Brad, also Sansa, Arya Stark.. Where it’s this is more emphasis with three houses, Stark, Lannister’s, Targaryen….  We also see more bloodshed this as the battle within Westeros, also Winterfell…..


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