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As “Space X’ starting to restart in their reusable stage rockets in lowering the operating cost of sending payloads and crew in lower earth orbit… By having retro grade system so it can land back on a designated landing pad or just in case of emergencies.. Reusable rockets or vechicles are nothing new. They were in development since the concept of replacing the Space Shuttle or STS-Space Transportation System…

With the introduction of the Delta clipper DC-X33 during the early parts of this century.. In which was a single reusable vehicle that launches up then lands under its own retro thrust then lands with own landing gear without any used of a parachute.. In this “Amazon-Blue Origin” have successfully land historically on 23rd November 2015 in West Texas launch Site.. New Shepard first stage at an altitude of 100.5 Kilometres in the air… Then safely land back onwards to a land pad under on its own guidance of thrust of New Shepard’s main engine.. With its main landing gears.. Something now that Space X now has to beat with their Falcon nine reusable this year after multiple unsuccessful tries on landing without incident… as Space tourism heats up between SpaceX and Amazon-Blue Origin.. it leaves Sir Richard Branson-Virgin Galactic in far behind now with the now shift towards to Amazon- Jeff Bezos and Tesla’s Elon Musk.. For a least expensive reliable option for real space tourism.. in Earth’s orbit, and beyond to the moon and further wise..

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