STAR WARS –FASHION | your everyday- Millennium Falcon A-line Dress..?

Think Geek-Star wars-Millennium Falcon A-line Dress

Just in for summery this year or Fall for as an everyday dress wear is the “Star Wars-Millennium Falcon A-Line Dress” its classic A –line Cut… you might love it’s black silhouette with its starry background and the favorite the Millennium Falcon.. This will make a great dress that for a fan girl whom loves modifying her YT-1300 Corellian Freighter…  with the A-line Black silhouette itself it’ll match to any colour jacket or jumper in your wardrobe, as it’s a black dress it’ll warms up as it absorb heat from the sun which makes it great for wearing as season Fall Dress… As either accessorizing with Sneakers, Boots for every day practically, or heels to add to the dress as an every night dress… for Fall either in with Hosiery or Legging s for some extra warm… With some serious full length boots for warmth..

The Millennium Falcon dress is quite form fitting due to its textile composition of its 95% polyester and Spandex… also in that it’s Machine washable on cold with a given low heat in Tumble dry..

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