WEB SERIES | The Gable Five – the first

Well… who is the Gable 5..?

In with the first episode of the series has aired out today, with its first Gable five. We get to explore  Eliza Dushku character how she is webbed into this…. In this it’s a story of five test subjects in a testing facility where they are tested out on a neurological technology that its research could manufacture a drug that could win in the every single checkmate in chess of war, with a physiological emotional cost…  With the obtainment of degrees of endless appropriated funding, fund by the governmental department… asked by a motivated Doctor Gable…to find a cure for war… to supress rage and emotions…

In this first episode on the Gable five trailer is feature here…?


The series is viewed on Machinima  Prime, and production wise done by Cinedrone Pictures, trailer featuring leads of Eliza Dushku, James Morrison, and Steve Harris…also…

Directed by Kevin Tancharoen
Written by Kevin Tancharoen & Scott Martin
Produced by Hayden Roush
Produced by Marina Stabile

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