Fairy lights — the blue box kind —

Found this the other day, also it’s pretty cute, for this Christmas or just for just to brighten up your classic room at home, what more than could accessories your fairy lights on your floor, or wall, plus brings a smile when you come home too!

Also just for you to know each one of the ten Tardis are still stuck with their chameleon circuit unfixed, so you could enjoy pleasant shape of the blue box, otherwise you could have all sorts of different sized Tardises in different forms hanging of the nine foot wired string, which looks very unpleasant if a given one of them seems to be a life size bathtub, or a very large ship as seen the Doctor’s wife episode.

But one good thing is that, you could add multiple strings can be plugged into each other, so you either have them arrange in a bracelet, necklace, or a chandeliers of Tardises.  The package comes in with replacement lights, so you could see them glowing from inside, one night thing is that you could mix it up by woven it with the white classical fairy lights.

Like to find out more where you could your get your Tardises at thinkgeek..?

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