Your very blue Tardis..?

I just notice this only few moments ago, it’s pretty cool, it’s the Tardis Speaker system it’ll match with your Dalek desktop defender, also the Tardis USB Hub that place neatly beside your bouquets of Sonic Screwdrivers. Celebrating the 5oth Anniversary of Doctor Who, this coming later third quarter year of November.

The Tardis speaker, is directed by a three speaker system two 5 Watt left, right speakers, with a 20 Watt subwoofer, orthough it’s not one to one scale but it’ll sit very neatly on any décor furniture on the house, with the scale of320*150*150(H.W.D) It’s even cooler when the It pairs up with you iPhone or Android phones or devices through Via Bluetooth (Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR, A2DP & AVRCP ), even makes the Tardis braking brake sound when pairing. Plus it comes with an audio Aux in so you hear the brilliant music that Murray Gold produces and other favourite tunes. Also comes with a remote that controls the Bass, power, Bluetooth and Aux Connection and other features…. At the moment it’s on pre-order. But soon with the 50th coming out this November this year it will be release.

Like to know more of how to get your very own Tardis speaker?

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