Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

Ever wonder what should to be your blue Christmas socking’s, above your fire place mantle place, well…?

Well this might be of some suggestions, for the Whovian computer Nerd plus Geeks in the household is the Tardis USB hub, it’s handy in case your PC or Mac runs out of places to connect to your precious devices, also it makes a beautifully parking brake whoop whooping sound each time that you connect a device to it, or if you push the “free for use of public” panel. Just remembered you can’t forget a…… USB  Dalek desk defender!

The other is the engineer scientist in your household, for just in case tricky situations. It’s the sonic screwdriver, in comes in various styles, David Tennant’s, Matt smiths, Melody Pond’s ( River Song), or if you just what to do the nasty like the Master, Harold Saxon.  Some do come with the Psychic pad, as a combination  pack.

Oh, you can’t forget some doctor who figures, and the least the last the action Tardis flight control tardis that you need for serious adventuring.

mostly these items can be found at amazonForbidden planet, or at think geek.

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