Reconnecting Farming

Farming is one of  many remoteness of work that you’ll ever under take, where it’s working on the farm, in the paddock, where the absences of human connection is in it’s form withdrawn tactile and non. It can also isolate you when you are akin to the  uses of technology in your every day life.

In the past most people welcome to the delights of isolation, in the openness, but what happen if your akin to used to the communications in today’s every day life. The question how would you put a farmer from the 1970’s into the 21stcentury and keep them up to date with the current trends in farming.

Let just say your in the past of the New Zealand farming, where it’s farming vegetables, or cattle, going back to circa 1970’s where operating your office is on a fix location, basically at home, or at shed office somewhere, but basically at home as home office. Now try bring that work into today.  In the past farmers have to operate within a fix telephone line, and most of the paper work is done on paper, therefore have to file everything physically.  And when it’s time to paying for invoices the process involve paying by check, today there’s nothing wrong with that It’ll take time process.

Some how with getting help, you have to rush off home to get to a nearest phone, for help, or check into something, like your stock prices from yesterday, that you delivered to the city markets, and take notes of what those prices and jounarlised them later for accounting and balances.

There are some tools out there to bridge the gap closer where the farmer keeps in contact with the outside world or with the community.  There’s one of them mobility devices. In the past farmers have to ring in for the prices of the sold stock they sold, then it was the fax, then finding there prices through send emails. With these in mind they have fix locations where the farmer has to go back to house or home office and check on any emails from a fix location.   Where as now using, mobile devices as smart phones, tablets laptops, where it’s eseential to have a mobile office mobility with mobile communications to network in having there work on the go.

With this in mind this is a series of post of assisting farmers out there whom are in need to be on the go on the field.

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