#StarTrekOnline # AgeOfDiscovery |#StarTrek #Discovery – your storyline beginnings into the Klingon war of the Battle of the Binary Stars – Featuring Mary Wiseman’s Cadet Sylvia Tilly …..


On Star Trek Online – Age of Discovery As you mount your graduation from first training days at Starfleet Academy in this brings you into the Klingon war, in which you the United Federation of Planets haven’t seen the Klingon’s for least one hundred years since the first encounter with the NX-01 Enterprise under the command of Scott Bakula- Captain Jonathan Archer, on Broken Bow in which was to return a Klingon Warrior back to his home world Qo’noS in resulted return intelligence information on the Temporal Cold War..

From a century later, you storyline begins with being in the middle of the Klingon war in which brings you standing in the mist of defending the Starbase One “Downfall” in which Starbase One’s fleet was decimated by one of the Klingon Factions the House of D’Ghor during the occupation.. in which you can replay that mission during the 2409 also TOS era Captains as you replay those historical events.. Like the Battle of the Binary Stars, with many iconic storyline engagements in which you’ll engage with the Klingon J’Ula Matriarch of house of Mo’Kai, also the Sister of T’Kuvma…

She’s tough – The Walker Class – Photographer @KevinJamesNg

During those Tutorials Days in the Academy you meet Star Trek Discovery Mary Wiseman’s Cadet Sylvia Tilly, voicing her in which she’ll guide you through the academy experiences, in which you’ll helping you out in getting to know the general layout of the storyline experiences, from ground to StarShip on your first starter ship …. As you graduated from your class…. You’ll go through several engagements in which you’ll be assigned on the USS Glenn – Crossfield Class exploring the Dilithum Mines of Corvan three..  In resultant with a new redefined Task Force Operations listings.. In which features some key moments in Federation history..

During the Age of Discover there are new ships in which is the Crossfield Class Walker Class, the Europa Class in which comes in Tier six Heavy Battlecruiser Class, the 25th century version of the Nimitz Class as to of the Fleet variant the Heavy Battlecruiser..  In which that was loss during the Battle of the Binary Stars with the all hands on deck including its captain Admiral Brett Anderson,  In which the Nimitz Class –USS Europa has been the flagship, until the USS Enterprise has taken that call…  as to with starships there Discovery era bridges that fit the designs of the those ships.. With that are the Discovery era uniforms among with various ground equipment…

#StarTrekOnline #AgeOfDiscovery | #Teaser – #StarTrekDiscovery – Taking you into you into intense climax of the #BattleOfTheBinaryStars, you into the #KlingonWar – featuring Starfleet Cadet Sylvia Tilly….


Coming soon on Star Trek Online, into Northern Hemisphere Fall 2018 season is the new season of with a new faction in relations to the of a new faction that was introduce during the DS9 – Deep Space Nine- Victory is life in which you get to create your own Jem Hadar Character storyline as much as the Agents of Yesterday  with a new Temporal agent storyline from the TOS-The Original Storyline era..

Age of Discovery– The new storyline arc takes you as you storyline your character, you, into the events during  after the Battle of the Binary Stars, in Star Trek Discovery, in which you takes you into the intense climax of Klingon war in which the Star Trek Online will be doing systems updating in line with the Discovery series.. in to the year 2265, in which your captain, you must encounter  J’Ula, matriarch of the House of Mo’Kai and sister of T’Kuvma, in which their names was mention in Victory of life as General Martok as he takes the Bat’leth of Kahless from the Torchbearer Ambassador Worf..


As those three determine to alter the face of the Alpha Quadrant, there’s a new officer to friend is Starfleet Cadet Sylvia Tilly – Discovery actor- Mary Wiseman who assisting your training towards your first assignment onboard the newly minted experimental Crossfield Class USS Glenn, also trying to defend Starbase one from a rouge house of D’Ghor also exploration of the Dilithum mines of Corvan two..

As Age of Discovery storylines as you explore the episodes of defending Starbase one in you will partake as a Task Force operations , as part of two new episodes for Starfleet Cadet. New reputation systems to Tier six with rewards..

The PC Platform will have the first exploration of you exploring, and then following by the console later on Xbox One and PlayStation four….

#StarTrek #Discovery | Main opening Tittle Thematic sequence score…


As Star Trek Discovery airs tonight in between 24th and 25th September 2017 in between with Netflix also CBS All access.. As its tells story of crew of the USS Shenzhou also USS Discovery in which pre-set a decade ago when Captain James T.Kirk takes command of the least 50 years old USS Enterprise..  The storyline is centric between two leading characters also within its crews of two ships- centric wise it’s between the relationships between the Veteran Shenzhou Captain Philippa Georgiou- Michelle Yeoh also her commanding first officer Michael BurnhamSonequa Martin-Green  in which focus on her storyline with the previously introduction of the Vulcan Ambassador to Earth Sarek as her Adoptive father, she is also the Adopt sister towards Spock and Sybok..

In this Star Trek Discovery – Main title Sequence theme tune plays tribute towards The Original Series score… In which it hidden tones has the orchestras plays also tributes to the other series..  among towards the visually themes it remind me of the illustrated inspirational Starship sketches themes at was featured like of in the recreation hall on deck six on the Constitution class retrofitted USS Enterprise as it was shown in motion picture also as to the NX 01 Enterprise….

As the theme played, It illustrates with the newly found return to confrontation with the Klingon Empire, in which previously conflicts with the United Federation of Planets with Roluman Star Empire.. as both fronts regroup from a massive battlement in which this series focus more into the Klingon empire as its previously fragmentised with all the separated houses also the different variant ethnics Klingon home world..  The other various themes is the evolution technologies of pre constitution class also Kirk’s time…

STAR TREK – DISCOVERY | Netflix- An introduction first look of the USS Discovery impressions…

During this year’s Comic Con San Diego- a major announcement as part of the 50th year anniversary of “Star Trek” celebration, as part of the same month the release of “Star Trek Beyond” in which gave tribute to the Late Leonard Nimoy also Anton Yelchin…  As part of the tribute to Anton whom plays the reboot version of Pavel Chekov, original played by Walter Koenig in The Original prime Universe… in the fourth reboot film of the following Star Trek film they’ve decided not to recast the late Anton Yelchin role…  So hoping they will cast for a different character Yeoman Janice Rand..  Hoping that they’ll cast Gal Gadot (Diana Prince- Wonder Women) for the role..

As Star Trek- Discovery airs on 2017 … The second trailer in this features Ralph McQuarrie’s version of the Enterprise for Phase two in which features some more crew additions as seen in the Motion Picture, a larger more delta engineering hull with a traditional saucer section version in which the design is Vulcan inspired from the IDIC-Infinite Diversity infinite Combinations symbolism…  “USS Discovery” is featured as a Ariel Class a very much twice as large lengthwise of the Constitution class retro-refit Enterprise..

Star Trek Discovery -USS Discovery – named inspired from NASA- national aeronautics and space administration Space Shuttle Discovery Orbital Vehicle- OV-103

At this stage it’s a unknown of what the crew is, guessing that CBS-Paramount wants to allure us into what’s to come, hoping for a female Captain commanding the USS Discovery.. As I watched more into the trailer it looks like the Ship is constructed as traditional Ralph McQuarrie painted out, the ship is constructed in the manufacturing yard within the protection of asteroid…..  With a few cosmetics alterations in giving an in between era look between the post five year mission to The Motion Picture look with the more of the USS Kelvin hulling design heritage to Discovery..

It should be interesting to see how the thirteen episodes of season one would be scripted, screenplay, written as it’s unlike the previous series in which as storyline flow to it, but with different episodic storylines, like a mini movie with a new crew, different ship type,  that comes with traditional and new species of worlds……….

STAR TREK | Horizons- at the time of NX series warp five starships…?

As to “Star Trek  Axanar” in a prelude to what’s things to come before the time of that constitution Class USS Enterprise leaving  that Dry Dock in countering the new threat of the Klingon Empire, Klingon Battle cruiser the D7’s..  In this there’s another story to tell before the four year war. That war was with Romulan Star Empire, in a time been when Captain Johnathan Archer just recently formed a very youthful federation of planets in birth lead by Earth..

“Star Trek Horizons” The story takes place around the “crew of the USS Discovery NX-04” (Captain Hawke), namingly after NASA’s Space Shuttle program, space shuttle Discovery… as to Enterprise and Columbia….  In which their story was told on a televised series having Columbia aswell… in this web series in which is beautifully graphically crafted by a brilliant team of Project Re Source… Tells a story of during the temporal war in which Admiral Archer has been in throughout the Enterprise series… and the prelude to war with the Romulan Star Empire, in which started from in an incident at  the point in P’s Jem, a Vulcan temple disguise a listening outpost was listening in on their distant counters ..  In this we get to see a storyline about Iconians that that was featured during The Original Series… Been refugees in a war that they lost 250,000 years ago…  with that in mind the Iconians are featured back on “Star Trek Online” to continue their story to species manipulative  the control in all the quadrants…

The web series is written, Directed, executive producer by “Tommy Kraft” … also the expect launch of Star Trek Horizons is year’s northern hemispheres winter 2014 in a full length film…