#香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong|# 香港電車 #叮叮#HongKongTramways #August2022 | #June2022 July2022 collections Stunning International Iconic advertising liveries mobile artworks of the International Icon Hong Kong Tramways Trams..

Since 1904 in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, the FoundedHong Kong Tramways have always been the benchmark hallmark inspiration of the MTR Corporation,in which it transported countless two hundred passengers per daily, 10.4 Million per year averagely….  Within the Hong Kong Tramway route is the countless untold stories that transited ride throughout tramways system on Hong Kong Island …. The “Ding-Ding” in which iconically called for the stopping signal bell that it makes to signal a stop onto to the various stops in between from west to east side of Hong Kong Island..  in which the Hong Kong Trams have been undergoing many evolutionary changes as it progressively moved with the times in Hong Kong’s untold Tramways stories, in which is like a time machine that collect stories from memorable timeless moments in everyone lives whom travelled within with those historic furnishings also whom watched travelled away as it grew up with the evolution of changing Hong Kong SAR city region of China –People’s Republic of China..

Hong Kong Tramways Sound Journey | Ambience, Calm, Sleeping, Focus, ASMR | Hong Kong Tramways X AK IN KK X WAVINCITY

Hong Kong Tramways X AK IN KK X WAVINCITY @hktramways1904 @wavincity In recent years, ASMR has gained popularity as a method of relaxation for many, to improve insomnia, anxiety, and depression. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) refers to the stimulating sensation of the body’s senses mainly through video or sound. Studies have shown that ASMR can help improve depression and relieve the discomfort caused by chronic pain.

Hong Kong Tramways collaborated with field recordists AKKan & Peter Wong Tsz Kin to record the environmental imagery and sound of a tram journey. In addition to recording the familiar “Ding Ding” sounds, soft whispers and pedestrian life from each corner of the city can also be heard. Relax your mind, listen closely to the ambience and transport yourself into the heart of the city through this recording.

Environment Recording: @akinkk. Sound @wavincity

製片 Video Production: @yyj_image

22 July 2022

【HK Tramways x Sanrio characters Collection】【HK Tramways x Sanrio characters 聯乘系列】

Social distancing measures are being gradually relaxed and our Party Tram is back!

Sanrio characters celebrity family is not afraid of this scorching summer, visiting Hong Kong and has boarded our antique open-top party tram! AHIRUNOPEKKLE has also put on uniform and turned into a tram captain, together with KEROKEROKEROPPI, MINNA NO TABO and POCHACCO enjoying 360° glamorous city view of Hong Kong and a unique party experience! What is more exciting is… Sanrio characters also take this opportunity to wish Ding-Ding a very happy 118th birthday! Wish to bring this joy and love to all of you and every nook and cranny of your home, this time, HK Tramways x Sanrio characters Collection items focus on home & lifestyle accessories and will be available in Maskology 口罩.學 from early August. We are truly, blissfully surrounded by Sanrio characters in our everyday lives!


Sanrio characters 明星家族不怕今個夏天熱辣辣,來到香港登上我們的復古開篷派對電車!AHIRUNOPEKKLE – AP 鴨還穿上制服,化身成為電車車長,帶著 KEROKEROKEROPPI、MINNA NO TABO – 大口仔和 POCHACCO,一起全方位欣賞香港迷人城市景緻,試試獨一無二的派對體驗之外,還為我們叮叮118歲生日送上祝福!希望能夠把這份美好帶進您們的家裡角落,這次 HK Tramways x Sanrio characters 聯乘系列商品著力居家生活小物,將於八月起登陸 Maskology 口罩.學 販售。生活真的被 Sanrio characters 幸福地包圍了!

6th July 2022【HKCA sponsors “HKCA Tramways Free Ride Day” on 7.11 to celebrate HKSAR 25th Anniversary

‘Construction Business Association’s Hong Kong Construction Commerce Festival July 11th Train License Day 費乘

Hong Kong Construction Company (“Construction Business Association”) celebrates the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Republic of Hong Kong’s Special Administrative Office in mid-August, with the theme “Building a new bridge together, unity, return to the five-year anniversary”, a series of saving activities, among them, the birthday of the Construction Commerce Association specially selected on June 13th, i.e. July 11th (Monday) the “Construction Commerce” train free day.

Builders and businesses expect that on the days of the Chinese People’s Union, taking on the theme of Hong Kong’s speciality “Struggling to move forward to a new course”, the historic moment of compatriots all over the Hong Kong, and the future of the bright future of the construction of the bright future; under the pace of the Covid-19 pandemic, our society is adding energy and positive energy to all sectors. As usual, the construction department and its staff are dedicated to serve and construct Hong Kong, Hong Kong people build harmony together, a beautiful new heaven and earth.

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“HKSAR”) of the People’s Republic of China in July, Hong Kong Construction Association (“HKCA”) organizes a series of festive events. Among these events, the “HKCA Tramways Free Ride Day” to be held on the Lo Pan Patron’s Day on 11 July (Mon) is a major highlight.

HKCA aspires to celebrate this historical moment with all Hong Kong people under the theme of the HKSAR “A New Era – Stability. Prosperity. Opportunity”. In the meantime, they try to spread joy and positivity to the community when the local COVID-19 epidemic is under control. HKCA and its Members, as always, continues to serve the city and strives to build a harmonious, beautiful future with all people in Hong Kong.

8th June 2022【Journey Into An Oasis】【香港電車 X 彩通色彩研究所 出走香港】

As a unique transportation on Hong Kong Island, the “Ding Ding” is the only public transportation that allows passengers to experience natural fresh air. Apart from carrying passengers around the city, the tram enables its passengers to savour the city’s scenery and be surrounded by the calming city ambience.

Differing from the previous eye-catching color collaborations with Pantone Color Institute, namely “HK Tram Green” and the “Very Peri” tram, the first official “Wellness” tram is introduced. The “Wellness” tram incorporates a pastel toned colour palette chosen by Pantone Color Institute.

「叮叮」每天往來穿梭港島,是唯一能讓乘客接觸自然鮮風的陸上公共交通工具。除了接載市民日常出行,香港電車亦是方便市民細味街道風景的流動萬花筒。今個初夏,香港電車再度與彩通色彩研究所 (Pantone Color Institute) 攜手,推出「樂活電車」(Wellness Tram),以六種柔和色彩勾勒出「城市中的綠洲」 ,為你帶來一趟短暫的心靈旅行,暫時逃離城市的繁囂。

Images and Visuals are from their Respectives.

#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #国家航天局 |#BeltAndRoadinitiative #July2022 | #CMS #ChinaMannedSpace #CLEP #ChinaLunarExplorationProgram the Advance Next Generation #LunaMannedLanding #ChangZheng #LongMarch #CZ-5DF #CarrierRockets #ReusableCarrierRocket The first flight is not far away …..

中国空间站 On currently on 29th July 2022 2022, the Belt and Road Initiative CNSA –China National Space Administration   on the currently developments of the  latest progress of China’s Chang Zheng – LongMarch manned lunar landing carrier  rockets Science and Technology Daily reporters learned from the First Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation on July 28 2022 that the 702 Institute of the Academy recently successfully completed the multi-machine parallel static-motion joint test of my country’s new generation of manned launch vehicles. It strongly supported the smooth transition of the development of this type of rocket to the initial stage.

The first flight is not far away! China- People’s Republic of China’s first-generation moon landing Carrier rocket began to be prototyped, with a near-Earth capacity of 70 tons….  

China- People’s Republic of China’s moon landing rocket has completed the multi-engine parallel static and dynamic test and began to manufacture, and the first flight may not be far away

​​China’s new generation of manned rockets has made important progress! According to news from the First Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation published by the “Science and Technology Daily” and other media on July 28th 2022, the 702 institutes affiliated to the academy have recently successfully completed the multi-machine parallel static-motion joint test of my country’s new generation of manned launch vehicles. The first step of this type of rocket will be transferred to the initial sample development stage.

At present, my country’s only manned rocket is the Long March 2F rocket, which is especially responsible for transporting China- People’s Republic of China’s Shenzhou spacecraft and Takionauts to the sky. My country’s new generation of manned rockets is a rocket with larger and more advanced capacity. It is also the “921 rocket” that netizens have often said over the years. In fact, its real code name is “CZ-5DF”, which means Chang Zheng- Long March 5. The series of lunar rockets are exactly the rockets prepared for my country’s manned lunar landing.

According to the published data, this rocket is about 100 meters high. After successful development, it will be the highest rocket before the appearance of the Long March 9. It is about the height of a 33-story building, which should be higher than the building you live in. Well, isn’t it shocking?

​And it will also be the largest rocket before the appearance of the Long March 9 carrier rocket, with a diameter of 5 meters, the same as the Long March 5, but its shape is very different from the Long March 5, because it adopts the CBC configuration, but It is not a “triple version of Chang 5”, it is not the configuration of the three core-stage rockets of the current Long March 5, because it is not composed of three core-stage rockets of the Long March 5. There are only two YF-77 liquid hydrogen-oxygen engines with a thrust of only 100 tons. The thrust of the Fat Five mainly relies on four bundled boosters. Each booster is equipped with two YF-100 engines with a thrust of 240 tons. , the thrust of the four boosters reached 960 tons, which together contributed to the 1060-ton thrust of the Long March-5 first-stage rocket.

​The new generation of manned rockets with  This type of rocket weighs about 2,200 tons and is a three-stage and a half configuration. The capacity of the Earth-Moon transfer orbit will not be less than 27 tons, which can meet the capacity requirements for launching China’s new generation of manned spacecraft (within 25 tons in weight). It can also meet the upward mission of large spacecraft in low-Earth orbit, because the orbital carrying capacity of low-Earth orbit will reach more than 70 tons.

​Take China’s space station as an example. After the Wentian experimental module was docked, the total weight of China’s space station assembly has now reached 66 tons, and China’s new generation of manned rockets can be sent into orbit with one launch mission. Zhu Xiquan, deputy chief designer of the 702 Institute, said: The successful completion of the parallel static-dynamic joint test of my country’s new generation of manned rockets marks the first time that my country has broken through the large-load static-dynamic joint test technology of launch vehicles. The test with the largest scale, the most technical difficulty and the most complex test process has laid a solid foundation for the new generation of manned launch vehicles to adopt the parallel technology of multiple high-thrust engines.

​According to the plan, this rocket will be the main launch vehicle for manned moon landing missions in China in the next 20 to 30 years, so it can also be called China’s first-generation “moon landing rocket”. It is significant, marking that China’s manned lunar landing rocket has entered a substantial manufacturing moment. After the manufacturing is completed, it will be a test flight. It was previously reported that the first flight will be completed before 2025. It can be seen that the first flight is not far away! Moreover, this type of rocket will also expand the recovery and reuse capabilities of the take-off stage in the future, that is, to create a reusable rocket like Musk’s Falcon rocket, which can also greatly reduce the launch cost. ​

References :”Science and Technology Daily” July 28 article “China’s new generation of manned rockets has made important progress “

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#MadeInChina #中國製造| #中科宇航 #ZhongkeAerospace #CASSPace #July2022 | testing for the #ChinesePrivateSpaceCompany #Lijian1 #ZK1A  #CarrierRocket Demonstration launch flight coming soon  . 

the Zhongke Aerospace Chinese Academy of Sciences Lijian-1 ZK 1A carrier rocket!

中科宇航Zhongke Aerospace located in Room 1201, 12th Floor, Building 6, No. 18, Kechuang 13th Street, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing- China – People’s Republic of China….  is the first domestic mixed-ownership commercial aerospace enterprise jointly initiated and established by the core team of the Aerospace Flight Technology Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Mechanics. Achievement transformation, providing aerospace launch services. The core team is a leading expert in the domestic aerospace field, with strong technical strength, rich experience in rocket engineering development, and familiarity with the domestic commercial rocket market. Its first-type rocket carrying capacity is second to none in the domestic solid carrier rocket. At present, the first-stage engine of the first-type rocket has passed the ground interview vehicle. It is expected that the first flight will succeed with high certainty. In addition, Zhongke Aerospace has deployed a series of models such as solid-liquid hybrid and liquid rockets. In the future, it will form an echelon launch capability that can meet various needs such as constellation networking, patching, and space station delivery.

Introducing CG video of the first flight of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Lijian-1 ZK 1A carrier rocket! ….Lijian No. 1 is a four-stage solid launch vehicle, which is currently the solid rocket with the largest carrying capacity in China. The rocket has a take-off weight of 135 tons and a 700-kilometer sun-synchronous orbit carrying capacity of 1330 kg. The first flight mission will be a one-shot, six-satellite launch mission.

“The Lijian-1 rocket is a major deployment project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is of great strategic significance for leading the development of my country’s carrier rocket technology and model changes, and catching up with the world’s aerospace powers.” Zhongke Aerospace Chairman Yang Yiqiang said in an interview. The main launch equipment of the Lijian-1 rocket started in Haiyang on August 6 last year. It has successively completed 14 core technology researches that have been adopted for the first time in China, and completed the program demonstration, program design and engineering development work, which is about to be in March 2022. Implementation of the first launch mission of “One carrier and Six Satellites”…..

Beijing Zhongke Aerospace Exploration Technology Co., Ltd. is the first domestic aerospace enterprise with mixed ownership, and it is also the target enterprise that Oriental Aerospace Port focuses on introducing. Relying on the scientific research strength and resource advantages of the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Aerospace Flight Technology Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Aerospace Science and Technology has been committed to the research and development and integration of space technology and aerospace vehicles as a platform for the transformation of major national scientific research projects, as well as the transformation and provision of technological achievements. Aerospace launch service. The Lijian-1 rocket project also adds a brand-new name card to the Oriental Space Port, which will surely promote the construction of the Oriental Space Port to take a solid step forward.

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#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #国家航天局 |#BeltAndRoadinitiative #July2022 | #WenchangSpacecraftLaunchCenter #文昌航天發射場 |  #文天 #Wentian #ExperimentalCabinModule Successfully Docks with the #ChinaSpaceStation #TiangongSpaceStation ….. #2022July25th

On Hainan Province –China –People’s Republic of China…. in the district area of the Wenchang – Wenchang Spacecraft launch center in which the awesome team at one of many CNSA –China National Space Administration  that China National Space Administration…………… On 23rd July  2022 The Chang Zheng- Long March 5B Yao three carrier rocket successfully launch from the  Wenchang Space Launch Site complex  According to the China Manned Space Engineering Office, the Long March 5B Yao 3 carrier rocket that carried out the launch mission of the Wentian experimental module has completed all the research and development finalisation certification at the Factory also Wenchang Spacecraft Center…….  

After Wentian experimental module entered orbit, the status setting was successfully completed. At 3:13 on July 25, 2022, Beijing time, it was successfully connected to the forward port of  天和  Tianhe Core Module . The entire rendezvous and docking process lasted about 13 hours. . This is the first time that two 20-ton spacecraft in my country- China- People’s Republic of China have achieved rendezvous and docking in orbit. …According to the mission plan, the Shenzhou 14 Takionaut crew will then enter the Wentian experimental module….. in which finally docked in early morning time of the 25th July 2022 in with CNSA –Beijing Aerospace City in which co-ordinated the docking maneuverers have achieved rendezvous and docking in orbit.…   

On that day of the launch of the Chang Zheng –Long March 5B Y3文天Experimental Module Launch Successful Yesterday -July 24th 2022 on the eve of the Long March 5B launch of the Wentian Experimental Module (about 10 minutes before launch), the Tianhe core module transited over Hainan Island- Hainan Province- Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR , Guangzhou also of Guangdong province of China- People’s Republic of China , and the Shenzhou 14 aerospace The crew took pictures of the beautiful Hainan Island. At this moment, on the Wenchang space launch site under the lens of the Takionauts, the Wentian experimental module is ready to go and is about to embark on the “Wentian” journey.

The axial length of the Wentian experimental cabin is 17.9 meters, and the maximum diameter of the cabin is 4.2 meters. After the solar wing was launched into orbit, the first deployment was about 6.5 meters, and the second deployment was about 23 meters in length. The Wentian experimental module is the largest single module in my country’s space station, with a launch mass of about 23 tons and a dry weight of 21.5 tons and a propellant of 1.5 tons.
The Wentian experimental module uses a rapid rendezvous and docking method to dock the space station assembly the Tiangong –China Space Station  of the small robotic arm (about 5 meters) of the Wentian experimental cabin…

After the construction of the China Space Station is completed, the two experimental cabins will be the main working places for Takionauts in orbit. In both experimental cabins, space science experiments and technical experiments in the sealed cabin and outside the sealed cabin can be carried out. Both cabins are equipped with The load test cabinet inside the cabin and the load installation platform outside the cabin also provide support and guarantee measures such as information, power supply and heat dissipation, and can carry out experiments in various fields such as space science, space materials, space medicine and space exploration.

  The Wentian experimental module is equipped with the same Taikonauts’ living facilities as the core module, including 3 sleeping areas, 1 sanitary area, kitchen and other facilities, which can guarantee the astronauts’ life. It can also work with the core module to support the life of 6 astronauts during the rotation of the two manned spacecraft; in addition, a small robotic arm is also configured, which can be used alone or in combination with the large robotic arm of the core module. , to jointly complete the tasks of Taikonauts leaving the cabin, caring for extravehicular facilities, and patrolling. In addition, the Wentian experimental cabin is also equipped with an astronaut exit airlock. After the space station is completed, the airlock of the Wentian experimental cabin will be As the main airlock cabin for Takionauts to leave the cabin, the node cabin of the core cabin is used for other functions at this time, just as a backup; the Wentian experimental cabin also has a backup section for the core cabin to manage and control the assembly. That is to say, when the function of the core module platform fails, it can be switched to the Wentian experimental module to exercise the combined control and management functions, which can improve the reliability of the space station as a whole.

  The Mengtian experimental cabin is equipped with a cargo airlock and an outboard deployment test platform. In the future, the scientific test equipment that needs to be installed outside the cabin can be transported to the space station through a cargo spacecraft, and then the load will be sent to the outside of the cabin through the cargo airlock, and the robotic arm or Takionauts will install it on the platform outside the cabin. Realize the continuous update of the extravehicular test project.

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#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #國家航天局 |#BeltAndRoadinitiative #July2022 | #火星 # 天問 #天问一号#TianwenOne #MarsMission #Tianwen1 probe  On the second anniversary of the launch of Tianwen-1, high-definition images of #Planet #Mars #MartianMoon #Phobos were sent back ….

天问一号飞運騎遊達达3亿CNSA – China National Space Administration – ESA – European Space agency Belt and road initiative mars mission…first Mars exploration mission, Tianwen- Martian Probe One on 23rd July 2022 On the second anniversary of the launch of Tianwen-1, high-definition images of Phobos were sent back

23 July 2022 Today is the second anniversary of the launch of the Tianwen-1 mission, and the orbiter returned Phobos images. Recently, the Tianwen-1 operation team seized the opportunity when the orbiter was relatively close to Phobos, used a high-resolution camera to image Phobos, and obtained a clear image of the “full moon” state.

Phobos (Forbes) is one of the two natural satellites of Mars, with a size of about 27 kilometers × 22 kilometers × 18 kilometers. It runs in a near circular orbit at an altitude of about 6,000 kilometers from the surface of Mars, and orbits Mars every day. about 3 turns. The orbiter runs on a polar elliptical orbit with an altitude of about 220 kilometers near the fire point and an altitude of about 10,800 kilometers at the far fire point with a period of about 7 hours. Due to the orbital relationship between Phobos and the orbiter, as well as the lighting requirements during imaging, the operation team made precise calculations and precise control, and obtained a clear image with a resolution of about 50 meters when the two were about 5,100 kilometers apart.

The image shows that Phobos is a small celestial body with irregular shape, in the shape of a potato. The stripes on the surface can be seen in the upper left of the picture, which may be formed by the impact of the impact process. There is an obvious impact crater in the upper right of the picture, with a diameter of about 2 kilometer, named Öpik crater (Upik was an Estonian astronomer, known for his research on asteroids and meteorites).

Another satellite of Mars is Deimos (Deimos), with an average radius of only about 6.2 kilometers. The two satellites are named after the two sons of Ares, the god of war in ancient Greek mythology. The Greeks used to call Mars by Ares. Both moons are small irregular objects that many scientists believe were captured by Mars’ gravity into Mars’ orbit, but their origins remain controversial.

 Image: National Astronomical Observatory​​​​…

Images and visuals are from CNSA- China National Space Administration also from there respectives- CLEP –China Lunar Exploration Project..