#BOEING #B787-10 |#Dreamliner Completing its first Flight for Certification- N528ZC …….

On 31st March 2017 clear skies morning, as Bernard Choi- Boeing Communications also Giselle Steward –Boeing South Carolina introduces, Boeing has taken its first flight of newest sister in the Boeing 787 family series from Charleston International Airport with a massive crowds in watching its first flight. In its certification progression is it’s had to undergo on many layers in testing before the B787-10 Dreamliner, as in ongoing months it will undergo the cold testing in the coldest areas on Earth where cold testing was done in Siberia like the B737Max recently.. , in which  building that certification process helps to provide critical data, in analyzing for further modification to the aircraft, with that providing data in helping into other innovations of future aircraft designs.. As the introduction of the Aircraft there’s been awaiting orders for the aircraft as airlines are on the fleet replacement from nine airlines carriers for more economically assured Aircraft as alike for the Airbus A350-1000 series.. As more of the live coverage was stream from Boeing  B787-10 first flight event from Charleston International Airport…

As it’s is a the same series as the B787, it’s the a new Aircraft in it still needs of required testing in  which as it took off with a flawless take off from the runway, doing her testing rounds of testing it’s various system in mid Air, Mid Flight then making it’s rounds back to greet the crowds in Charleston International Airport..

As the B787-10 is the newest sister in is more stretched more by passenger capacity from the B787-9 capacity averagely at by 5.5 meters more form 63 meters to 68.27 meters in length in adding more passenger and cargo. As with more fuel efficiencies in least twenty five  percent in better fuel emissions, as traveling it’s noise footprint is sixty percent.

AIR NEW ZEALAND | the new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner – the inside tour…?

As “Air New Zealand” departs its final decommissionment of its Boeing 747-400 fleet in during this month.. In favouring more changing times of more fuel efficient Eco-friendly variant type of Aircraft in which the Boeing 787-900 series became..  Air New Zealand started to look at the series several years ago to replace its aging fleet of B747-400’s then finding the Boeing 787 series process of having a system to combat Jet Lag with new air purification systems with improving the altitude and humidity levels…. Also with mood lighting to ease the travelling passengers into with a long haul flight…

Air New Zealand acquired hand over its first B787-900 series Dreamliner during on the month of July 2014 from the Boeing Commercial air plane company in Seattle….

There’s several multiple features in which the interior of Air New Zealand’s Dreamliner with  the larger windows… giving  more natural light into the cabin  so reducing the amount of interior lighting used during  daytime flight.. With tinted glass so to reducing the outside glare…  the interior is colour platted with two colours with  just Black and White it’s the New Zealand’ sporting uniform colour..  with more whiteness than black..

The seating is arrange in Business premiere cabin with your very own small cabin providing the seat folds out into a bed with your very own office and entertainment sections of games, TV, and movies.. Following with Premium Economy with a slight smaller arrangement then with Economy..  the seating are larger than the  traditional size with sculptured seating  to match the resting comfort each passenger..

BOEING | 787-9 Dreamliner- swings and dances rehearsals for Farnbourgh 2014…?

This year at Farnbourgh Air show, should be interesting with release of the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner also the Airbus, 350-XWB also the Airbus Neo series of the A320 and 330 series… in the preparations and rehearsals for Farnbourgh…   when the Dreamliner takes from the runway, it does a series of elegantly twist with a gracefully turns like how you seen Ballerinas dances to Swan Lake.. While the wings brushes the wind…  Flown by test Pilots Mike Bryan and Randy Neville… aerial footage by Wolfe air aviation LTD