STAR TREK | Horizons- at the time of NX series warp five starships…?

As to “Star Trek  Axanar” in a prelude to what’s things to come before the time of that constitution Class USS Enterprise leaving  that Dry Dock in countering the new threat of the Klingon Empire, Klingon Battle cruiser the D7’s..  In this there’s another story to tell before the four year war. That war was with Romulan Star Empire, in a time been when Captain Johnathan Archer just recently formed a very youthful federation of planets in birth lead by Earth..

“Star Trek Horizons” The story takes place around the “crew of the USS Discovery NX-04” (Captain Hawke), namingly after NASA’s Space Shuttle program, space shuttle Discovery… as to Enterprise and Columbia….  In which their story was told on a televised series having Columbia aswell… in this web series in which is beautifully graphically crafted by a brilliant team of Project Re Source… Tells a story of during the temporal war in which Admiral Archer has been in throughout the Enterprise series… and the prelude to war with the Romulan Star Empire, in which started from in an incident at  the point in P’s Jem, a Vulcan temple disguise a listening outpost was listening in on their distant counters ..  In this we get to see a storyline about Iconians that that was featured during The Original Series… Been refugees in a war that they lost 250,000 years ago…  with that in mind the Iconians are featured back on “Star Trek Online” to continue their story to species manipulative  the control in all the quadrants…

The web series is written, Directed, executive producer by “Tommy Kraft” … also the expect launch of Star Trek Horizons is year’s northern hemispheres winter 2014 in a full length film…

STAR TREK ONLINE | season ten- into Delta Rising…?

Its 2410… Also it’s been 32 years since the crew of the USS Voyager came back from the Delta Quadrant… Things have changed during their absences in finally getting back home… also with Starfleet aswell too… and things over duration of thirty two years in that part of the Galaxy haven’t been looking to well where old allies. Enemies fall.. And rises… and a call for help is called and Admiral Turvok is been sent to investigate the situation where there’s a new fleet or faction is incursions on multiple fronts causing various havoc around the Quadrant…  also the  Borg is having trouble to hold themselves due to the lack of resources. Also the liberalizations of its drone seeking its own self independence in that movement is seeming so resistances to the collective as it is…

Star trek online -tier six Starfleet Battle crusier

Also as when “season ten –Delta Rising” approaches during in the October 2014… akiness to the same month of” Taylor Swift’s 1989 album release date” there’s something interesting in when that season rises is the Tier six class ships with new pools of bridge officers abilities.. In Tactical, Science, and Engineering… Also with specialist seating with newly acquired Starship Mastery, Traits, and New mechanics… with the introduction of Battle cruisers… within each faction of the Federation, Klingon and the Romulan… in once the captain has full complete the leveling up from fifty to sixty..

STAR TREK | AXANAR – PRELUDE – a brilliant twenty one minutes of a prelude…?

“Destroy the dream of the federation… Compare to such a loss. .I Do Not fear the Klingon Empire..!”- Admiral Ramirez… Stardate 2243.2 – first address to the Federation…

This is one brilliant story outline of “Star Trek Axanar- the prelude” is known as foretold the four year’s war between the Untied Federation of Planets and Klingon Empire.. Giving if Paramount wanting to produce a Television series then this is it or as Movie foretelling a history that having been told before either Captain Christopher pike or James T. Kirk taking that command of U.S.S. Enterprise as the Kirk reprises his story of  his Idol Garth of Izar… in the original series..  also the first screening of the “ prelude to Axanar” was premiered in Comic Con San Diego on that Saturday day of 26th of July..

In this prelude It’s a documentary of recollections of the conflict in between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire as the Klingons is doing all out forcing in trying to secure the Dilithuim rich worlds to feed the Klingon empire territory to expand as the Dilithuim is the life blood of the Empire that componentry feeds their Klingon Starships reactor cores   . . As the war continues Starfleet begins to develop new tactics, engineering… In which gave birth to new Starship designs. That could counter the heavy loss during the two years.. Throughout that gave way of relearning in a new book to gain advantages of fighting skills of a Klingon against them.. as that conflict gave way to a several new class of ships like the Ares class giving them the advantage also in tandem the Klingon were developing the D7 Cruiser a much overpowering in might to regain the losses.. But the federation was developing its counter   the Constitution Class as it still lies in construction behind…


One of the major recollections of the battle of Axanar is the pinnacle point in time in events that made differences in saving the Federation in between with Klingons war in the far reaching deep borders between the two powers. …. In that battle happen eighty years after the birth of the United Federation of Planets, at that the borders reaches ends in which the USS Ares was out gun in an attack by various D5 and D7 Klingon battle Starships…  after they just visited the Planet.. They totally out defeated the Klingons…. Under the command of Captain Garth of Izar… or known to be Captain Kelvar Leonard Garth…

Watching the twenty one minute short film is visually rich of telling the story that leads up to the pinnacle points leading to Axanar.. Awesomely visually effects done by Tobias how telling the story rich through visually makes me that I’m there, In the events of the Documentary that been procure in Memory Alpha…  also using the different scenes in between various key federation members at  Starbase one,  Ambassador  Soval.. From the Enterprise series.. And at Klingon Qo’nos… Kharn..!


STAR TREK | _the prelude to Axanar-the first trailer scene into action… ?


“ .. I do not fear the Klingon Empire…!!!!…”

In this we have the first trailer insight of the prelude of Star Trek-Prelude to Axanar, as participants whom where in the battle recounted those dangerous moments reflection that they face changing moments in the Alpha Quadrant.. In that moment in time in a four year war between the United Federation of Planet and the Klingon Empire.. Until that moment in time Captain Garth of Izar of the USS Ares, NCC 1650 was out gunned by a series of D5 and D7 Klingon Battle Cruisers… until then knowing of all the summing experiences of all the Federation gained they outwitted the Klingons in that conclusionally moment for peace in that Battle in Axanar. Eighty years from the birth of the Federation…

Character Customization – creating you –

When you create a character, in a Massive Multiplayer Online, Role Player Game, Known as MMORPG, for short. The character that you create it represents you, the very essences, or the variant nature version of you.

One of many representations of you is creation or the customisation of your clothing on your character. In this case on star trek online you get to choose your race or class departments, with the new updated patch on the edit your appearances, you could go from basic customisation from the side panels, or in this case I generally go for the advanced customisation which gives you a much greater degree in presenting a representation of you.

In this case you could choose from various species from different three Factions, the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, also the latest Faction to be already introduced this year of 2013.

You may find, when customising between genders Female or Male that the male customisation is limited to than female customisation where it there’s more of clothing tailoring customisation, where you either change in between a skirt or a uniform trousers, also a more choices for different  hairstyles, also other various degrees of details.  Not only that, it’s also the greater to detailing of the weapons and equipment.

One thing noticing after each major patch upgrade the graphics gets richer, and the uniform, the skin, the hair textures gets more of a tangible visually touch to it, also it depends on your graphics card also your degree s  grunge of your processor, also your machine  as well.

Taking from that creating a Romulan character, has being very intense timely experience taking my time in getting everything right, also your Doffs or your Away or Bridge crew, is also a representation essences of you, my advice is take you time in getting everything right the character that you creating also the character grows with you has you adventure experiencing your story..