#iPhonePhotography |草莓月亮 Strawberry #Moon – the Mini Full Moon- #Apogee

In currently in which Auckland, New Zealand currently it wintery raining Saturday  today for the weekend as I’m currently keyboarding, writing this currently then as I upload last night footage while keyboarding..…As tonight ninth also tenth June 2017, also recent last night it is the Strawberry Moon… which the Moon appears to be smaller in image size due to the most distance away point in it elliptical orbit from earth in other term it means 遠地點 Apogee.  In which the closest is call Perigee in orbit with its full phase…. The current location for the Strawberry moon for this event is just in the location near the 星座天蠍座 Constellation of Scorpio where nearby its heart is, also its nearby location of the 土星 Planet Saturn…….

During the full moon, as it covered in with it reflective moonlight from the Earth, also as to with the Earth also to with the sunlight… with a good decent size mirror telescope looking at circumference Luna landscape edge you could see the Terminator veil outline in which showing a few shadowy in depth of craters…..  in the region past where Tycho crater is..  Revealing more of that impacts aftermath…  as too in early in the week it unveiling the stories of the 玉兔 Jade Rabbit also the玉少女 Jade Maiden..