DOCTOR WHO | The female Doctor – looking at that Barn…

Then finding a pulse, on his wrist, his neck ….it’s not there, looking for the places where, there’s a pulse that’s reading , there’s no heart beat it’s not there… after trying to resurrected him for more than hour or so but no avail.. After hammering my fist hard on his chest.. Something must have happen to him previously, then hugging him tight, feeling, thinking what to do next then feeling his pain as a tear started rolling down my cheek finding a loss bond in the past.. .. Who is this guy.. As if someone about wanting  to condemning forensically him dead…


Galifery……Near the edge of Time. 

There was one time where this office was occupied, by person whom drawn that line in the red Galiferyian farm barn house sand that he once lived as a boy whom needed courage, that out from fear what’s below his bed….  That line he drawn with in front of the soldiers whom want to retrieve him in facing then now disposed president Rassilon…. Remembering back to that moment where her moment of regeneration began.. Looking out to that windows of the main towers of the Citadels in which promenade overview the whole city..



DOCTOR WHO | The new companion for season ten.. Introducing Bill…


As the Doctor customary travels alone in “ Doctor Who” ,  The Doctor also travels with companion in either singular or Plural through his journeys to keep the Doctor humble and grounded,  also as we’re left off  to traveling after the episode of “Hell’s Bent” on where  we see Clara- Jenna Coleman and Me-Maisie Williams left off into another Journey into another faulty type 40- the Diner in where he met maybe for a while of River Song -Alex Kingston before she’s sets out in the getting qualify as the Professor and then the library incident where she met her husband the tenth Doctor-David Tennant ….

Introducing Bill, played by Pearl Mackie, her character seems to be In between late teens to into her twenties with an intriguing sense of street wit, and fashion sense from Nylon, also she’s asking alot questions of whom, what are they being chased by as the Doctor explains in the running, always constant running  in the corridors away from the Daleks in which is a classic introduction like in the classic Who of traveling to Skaro , as  they run needing to go back to 2017 to something in saving time where it will be aired also we get to know her more as her surname isn’t explained….  ?

DOCTOR WHO | Rubber Toe – twelve Doctor’s new sonic screwdriver replica..


As from the last episode of “Doctor who” from an epic series… With two epic episodes in which have cliff hangers of both Hell Bent, also Heaven sent… in where we have the introduction of the Story Arcs of one of two Hybrids, Clara Oswald and how she became the female Doctor of the Doctor..

During the, last moments of that Heaven sent.. We see the Doctor remembering whom is that Diner girl slowly is, as he searches whom in what Clara looks like.. Until he finds, realize whom she is on that memorial picture … in that scene following we see the TARDIS, switch back on after five billion years, of being slumber..  In which a New Sonic Screwdriver is presented.. After The Doctor lost the one he had long time ago..  In which this one is different… It’s more TARDIS centrically theme… With the blue rectangular column… with steam punk handles in which shows, the outlines of control console columns… in which “ Rubber Toe” has produced with working lights, and sounds. Given that you follow them on Instagram then you’ll know how hard they’ve worked in producing the exact duplicate...!

DOCTOR WHO | the new 12th Sonic screwdriver…!


During season nine’s ” Doctor Who” ,  The Doctor loses his sonic screwdriver, and becomes reliant on wearable Sonic glasses throughout the whole season from the point where they meet up in the introduction of the Confession Dial where it ended up in with Missy…  In this The Doctor comes back to the Tardis after four billion and two thousand years, it slowly wakes up after a slumber… as he enters.. The TARDIS creates a new Sonic Screwdriver..  The new 12th Doctor one (Peter Capaldi) is interesting it’s a bit different from 11th (Matt Smith) it very Steampunk older very Victorian, in which suits the current interior feel of the 12th Doctor desktop theme, that’s the current TARDIS Control room, or the main Bridge  … it’s a TARDIS blue rectangle long device with an industrial steampunk steal frame to hold the device in very much like the TARDIS controls…  It’s pretty when it lights up, thinking it does more of the same functions as its previous devices  but even more now given the sonic glasses will play a greater role with it together in use.. as it’s in question of what it’s functions is at yet.. but is should be interesting in what Clara’s Sonic Screwdriver would look like to given she now’s has a TARDIS of her own aswell of the same reliable  type 40..