#SPACEX #NASA |#CRS-10 Falcon nine reusable from that Historical# NASAKSC Launch Pad 39A- Live webcast- Round Two…


As Round two for “SpaceX” Launch from this morning in least than four hours encountering for the International Space Station resupply in which CRS10 – Commercial Resupply Service number ten.. This is Launch is pretty Iconic, in which is launched from that Iconic Launch Pad LC 39A Kennedy Space Center, that launch from NASA- National Aeronautics Space Administration’s  Apollo Saturn V rockets  to the Space Shuttle –STS Space Transportation System..

The last launch attempt was aborted  thirteen seconds due to the second stage in which the issue on hand was the  steering in which the attempt to resolve it ran out due to the launch window allowed so the launch was aborted.. but as it launched it’ll takes up two days till the CRS-10 Dragon nine reusable will catch up with the International Space Station..

The second Launch Attempt window is target on 18 February 2016, at 0939 morning Eastern time.. in which there will be landing of the Falcon nine reusable at Space X’s landing Zone LZ-1, at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station… there will be two various of Broadcast on socials, but it’ll be in two on the Hosted also the Technical webcast..