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It’s been a very long while coming for Star Trek Online from conceptual concept in getting your favourite StarShip that you customized in endless hours, days, weeks in your Dry or Space Dock  to your adventuring  throughout with your bridge crew and away team…  in which printing your StarShip has been long while project for Executive Producer –Steve Ricossa from dry-dock customisation to actually having a 12 inch highly detail studio artist model of the ship that you’ve adventured in which you can recollect telling the stories of ships that you taken command in also your wonderful crew that served with..

Star trek online with Gameprint.net on 3D printing your favourite starships..

It’s been a long while in which previous the supplier was a partnership with a startup game mechanising 3D printing company eucl3d.com in which last year it has closed… in which Star Trek Online has continuously refined the gaming mechanising mechanism towards 3D Printing from customizing your Starship in game then there’s a print to shop button icon..  In which is seen towards the new gaming 3D Printer merchandiser Mix Dimensions to take its place… to give you an individual crafted, hand painted in either three selections of where it’s only in collectible where its hand painted crafted, Single Colour version where is singular painted in Gold, Silver, bronze or black then there’s the Primer version where its ready primed for your hobbyist requirements. Each selection comes with different price points in where Collectible $350, Single colour $225, then Primer Version is $200…. 3D printing Starships is only the start later in the process you’ll able to print out your very own essences of you in game yourself in your chosen captain avatar, or various captain in game….. in different modes of action poses or expressions with your selective weapons or instruments..

Once you order form in game towards Mix Dimensions- Game print in which the in game creates an a Game Print account via towards your email  for you towards the what orthographically print PDF of your ship would look like before you proceed to check out to have it confirmed to order with the estimate time of delivery in which takes about in between three to six weeks depending on the batch production process..  However there’s a few selection of ship class that are not ready for printing…

3D PRINTING | Daz 3D- print what you imagine, create and customize…


Given that you what something extra special in regards to customization of you characters that you imagine and created your creations, like how a German company “Figure Prints” that 3D prints your World of Warcraft characters… In which you select your character from ingame then you star customizing the moves or poses, in which 343 Industries is doing with their” HALO” is doing in creating your very own Spartan with different sizes from small to large of seven inches tall, with different poses and customization..

One other way, is “ DAZ 3D “ it’s like Poser a software where you  model your models in various poses in an environment graphical  with Computer generated Characters.. In this lets you print your character creations in which you can Morph, then Posing, with various expressions, adding to the extent of extreme texturing with the various clothing or not  on you r model that comes from the DAZ software, also  then it’s rendered with the various set or props pieces that you add to your model, then you send it to them with you creation in customization that you created within the DAZ 3D, software to have it’s Printed in an industrial powder 3D printer,  where it’s printed, cleaned up and mailed out to you.

The interesting thing is the cost of printing your customization to what size in mind from DAZ, in which your created character comes in from like five inches to life size in which that will awesome in mind for the home having a life size figure that you created customized with the amount of extreme detail with the set props aswell from Software creating your content then 3D printing your work.. as to whether other Massive multiplayer Online Role playing game will follow suit on printing your ingame characters in reliving those game moments..  . ..