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Founded in 2015 located in Beijing ….天兵科技 – 北京天兵科技有限公司Tianbing Technology is an Aerospace propulsion system supplier and spacecraft provider One of Sixty Plus Chinese carrier Rocket companies in China, People’s Republic of China ……. Tianbing Technology is an advanced aerospace propulsion system supplier and aerospace vehicle provider. Tianbing Technology independently develops the next-generation ambient temperature green HCP liquid propellant and minimalist aerospace propulsion system. As an upgraded product of traditional chemical propulsion system, it can meet cost-effective aerospace. Advance system supporting needs. The next-generation green HCP aerospace propulsion system, first tested by Tianbing Technology, can be used in the small-vehicle main power and launch vehicle upper-level propulsion system.

Space Pioneer Next Generation Launch Carrier Rockets are using the Reusable Carrier Rocket eco system Tianlong 3 | Dragon-3 plans to fly for the first time in 2024……. Tianbing Technology’s Tianlong-3 large liquid launch vehicle (“TL-3”) is a benchmark SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, with a diameter of 3.8m, a take-off mass of 590t, and an SSO capacity of over 15t. It uses a high-thrust, reusable liquid rocket The engine will take the lead in realizing the domestic “60 satellites with one Carrier Rocket” group shooting capability and meet the satellite Internet’s “low cost, high reliability, and high frequency” launch requirements.

At present, the key technologies of the rocket have been researched, and the first sample product has been put into production. It is planned to complete the first flight of the rocket in early 2024, and have the commercial launch capability of more than 12 rounds per year in 2025.

In addition, Tianbing Technology’s “TL-3H” heavy-duty rocket uses a common core-level parallel bundled technical solution to make the rocket’s take-off thrust reach 2310t, and the low-earth orbit capacity can reach 68t. As a reusable heavy-duty liquid rocket, the “TL-3H” sub-stage and booster can return autonomously, which will fully meet the transportation needs of large-tonnage interstellar scenarios such as space station delivery and lunar exploration projects.

“TL-3M” is an aerospace plane designed by Tianbing Technology. With a range of 14,000km, it can carry 100 people to and from any place in the world.

天兵科技 Space Pioneer Tianbing Technology is a high-tech enterprise that takes the lead in the development of a new generation of liquid rocket engines and medium and large liquid launch vehicles in my country’s commercial aerospace field. It was born along with the wave of global commercial aerospace development. The innovative concept of “Pioneer” and the corporate mission of “promoting the fifth transportation revolution of mankind” are determined to bring faster, farther and more economical rail transportation, intercontinental transportation and interstellar transportation services into the lives of the public.

The core team of Tianbing Technology are senior experts in the industry. The company has hundreds of aerospace front-line technical backbones and management backbones. The average age of team members is 38 years old, of which 67% have senior professional titles and above, and 95% have master’s degree or above. Tianbing Technology, a talent and technical elite, is building a world-class commercial aerospace enterprise with a leading force.

Tianbing Technology will take Beijing Rocket R&D Center, Xi’an Power R&D Center, Zhengzhou Comprehensive Test Center and Zhangjiagang Intelligent Manufacturing Base as strategic starting points, and strive to form a product development strategic layout of “three machines and two arrows” and an aerospace industry with “three centers and five platforms”. The intelligent manufacturing system, the supply chain system “based on the Yangtze River Delta and radiating the whole country”, and the launch market network “based on the whole of China and facing the world”, are determined to make unique contributions to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the prosperity of the global space economy.

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