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國泰航空公司Cathay Pacific  This year on the year 2023中秋節 Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the Friday 29th September 2023 in which also it known as the Moon Festival which is adjacent to China’s National Day on October 1st. An 8-day public holiday in which is a Public National Holiday of eight days enjoyed from September 29th to October 6th….. The Chinese –Asian community festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunisolar calendar with a full moon at night, corresponding to mid-September to early October of the Gregorian calendar.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival, is a traditional festival celebrated in Chinese culture. Similar holidays are celebrated in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and other countries in East and Southeast Asia

Mooncakes Symbolize Family Reunion

In Chinese culture, roundness symbolizes completeness and togetherness. A full moon symbolizes prosperity and reunion for the whole family. Round mooncakes complement the harvest moon in the night sky at the Mid-Autumn Festival

A mooncake (simplified Chinese: 月饼; traditional Chinese: 月餅) is a Chinese bakery product traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節). The festival is primarily about the harvest while a legend connects it to moon watching, and mooncakes are regarded as a delicacy.

Is it good luck to eat mooncakes?

The mooncakes are the sweet and round delicacies associated with the feast: thought to bring good luck and prosperity, they are usually given as a present to their loved ones and served with tea

Put all the good things and blessings in the square gift box, and let the warmth of reunion be condensed in the small mooncake~ As the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, Cathay has specially prepared a mixed mini mooncake gift box for everyone. I hope this Holiday blessings can accompany the moonlight, travel across thousands of mountains and rivers, and reach you.

The carefully crafted limited edition mooncake gift box brings you a double enjoyment of sight and taste! The design is inspired by aircraft portholes, with unique ingenuity and simplicity. There are three classic Hong Kong-style mooncakes with egg yolk and white lotus paste, red bean paste, and custard. Each one uses a low-oil and low-fat formula, taking into accounts both deliciousness and health. Whether you are rushing to a reunion and enjoying the happiness of family gathering together; Or set sail for the stars and explore the unknown world together. As always, Cathay Pacific will accompany you every step of the way also the design are from Cathay international iconic elements!

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According to the China Manned Space Engineering Office, at 16:46 on September 11, 2023, Beijing time, the Tianzhou-5 cargo spacecraft, which has completed all scheduled tasks, successfully re-entered the atmosphere. Evacuate the space station assembly and transition to independent flight. It will re-enter the atmosphere in a controlled manner on September 12 as planned. Most of the components of the cargo spacecraft will be ablated and destroyed during the re-entry process, and a small amount of debris will fall into the South Pacific for a predetermined safety. sea ​​area.

The Tianzhou-5 cargo spacecraft was launched into orbit at the Wenchang Space Launch Site on November 12, 2022, carrying consumables, propellants, and application materials for the three Shenzhou-15 astronauts to stay in orbit for six months (test ) experimental equipment and other materials, carrying a number of space application projects such as the “Macau Student Science Satellite No. 1” cube satellite, space hydrogen and oxygen fuel cells, and space high-energy particle detection payloads. During its in-orbit flight, the Tianzhou-5 cargo spacecraft evacuated the space station assembly on May 5, 2023. After flying independently for 33 days, it rendezvous and docked with the space station assembly again and continued to carry out relevant space technology experiments.

[ On 6th June 2023, The CNSA –China National Space Administration Takionaut Crew of the Shenzhou 16 0310 Hours Hong Kong SAR-Beijing Time, ] Tianzhou-5 cargo spacecraft completed rendezvous and docking with the space station assembly again 天舟五号According to the China Manned Space Engineering Office, the space station assembly has been evacuated in the early stage and has been flying independently in orbit for 33 days The Tianzhou-5 cargo spacecraft completed rendezvous and docking with the space station assembly at 3:10 on June 6, 2023, Beijing time. At present, the space station complex is in good condition, and various tasks will be carried out as planned.

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#MadeInChina #中國製造 #中國 | #星河动力空间科技有限公司#GalacticEnergy #September2023|#CarrierRocketShopping #ShandongOrientalSpacePort #谷神星一号遥 #Ceres1S Yao 1 #TheLittleMermaid Chinese private commercial rocket company’s first sea launch in which deploying an #Apocalypse #satellite cluster!

星河动力空间科技有限公司 Galactic Energy-  Galaxy Power (Beijing) Space Technology Co., Ltd. Located in Block D, Aviation Technology Plaza, E-Town, and Beijing – Beijing – China – People’s Republic of China ….Galaxy Aerospace is the first private aerospace company in China to achieve successful continuous launches, the first to send commercial networked satellites into a 500km sun-synchronous orbit, and the first to master the ability to launch multiple satellites with one carrier rocket.

Chinese private commercial rocket company’s first sea launch! 谷神星一号海远一 carrier rocket plans to implement a sea launch at the Eastern Aerospace Port at around 17:30 on September 5th 2023!

The Galaxy Power Ceres-1 rocket is scheduled to carry the 21st to 24th satellites  of the Apokolips constellation (including the 21st to 24th satellite with one Carrier rocket) in Haiyang, Shandong (Yantai) at around 17:30 on September 5 (evening). Four satellites, including the 21st satellite named “Hefei Gaoxin No. 1” and the 22nd satellite named “China Minquan Shuangyong”, will carry out sea launch missions.

It is expected that at about 17:40 on September 5, 2023, the “Ceres-1” sea-launched Yao 1 carrier rocket carrying “Hefei High-tech-1” and other satellites will be launched from the offshore Shandong Oriental Space Port to execute the “Ceres-1” mission. No. 1 rocket’s first sea launch.

launch of Ceres-1 (Haiyaoyi) launched 16 more technological innovations based on the previous 8 rockets successfully launched from land, and achieved 4 Six major breakthroughs: “World’s first” and two “domestic firsts”:
🔷The first domestic private rocket launch at sea
🔷The first domestic commercial aerospace launch into an 800km inclined orbit
🔷The world’s first launch from a land-sea universal mobile platform without
support 🔷The world’s first solid rocket unguided at sea Thermal launch
🔷The world’s first rocket adopts a maritime vertical self-alignment and online misalignment angle correction high-precision navigation solution
🔷The world’s first solid rocket adopts a non-pyrotechnic locking release mechanism.

This time Ceres 1 (Haiyao 1) entered an 800km inclined orbit, which is the farthest record set by a domestic private rocket. The 21st to 24th stars of the Apokolips constellation successfully carried it into orbit. Apocalypse Constellation 21 to 24 satellites are low-orbit data acquisition satellites developed by Beijing Guodian Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. and are part of the Apocalypse Constellation. The Apocalypse constellation is designed to be networked with 38 satellites, which can provide global data collection services and effectively solve the problem of IoT network access at sea, in the air and in remote areas that are not covered by ground networks. The ground segment of the system includes satellite management center, service operation center, earth station, gateway station, ground network,

 “Hefei High-tech No. 1” is the first special launch satellite in the second phase of construction among the 38 satellites planned by the Apocalypse Constellation. It is also the first satellite launched by Beijing Guodian High-tech Co., Ltd. after the industrial landing in Hefei High-tech Zone.

This mission is codenamed “The Little Mermaid”. “Ceres No. 1” will become China’s first sea-launched private commercial carrier rocket, and it will also become China’s third sea-launched carrier rocket. Prior to this, “Long March 11” and “Jielong 3” had achieved consecutive successes, verifying the feasibility, stability, and reliability of sea launches.

After “Ceres 1”, various types of rockets will be launched from the sea at the Oriental Spaceport. In December 2023, Eastern Space Company’s “Gravity 1” all-solid rocket will make its first flight here; in the first half of 2024, Rocket Company’s “Darwin 2” liquid rocket will also be launched here. In addition, sea-launched rockets such as China Aerospace Corporation’s “Lijian-1” will also be launched at the Oriental Space Port.

Compared with land-based launches, sea-based launches have two major advantages: the launch platform can be maneuvered and deployed and the launch range is wide. Specifically, on the one hand, sea launch can maneuver the launch platform to low latitudes close to the equator, which can maximize the use of the earth’s rotation speed and enhance rocket capacity; on the other hand, sea launch has a wider area Since the wreckage landing area is planned on the sea, it can avoid densely populated areas such as cities, which is convenient and safe.

The sea launch will be an important step for “Ceres-1” and its development company Xinghe Power Aerospace. It will expand the launch site resources for its rapid response and high-density launch delivery, and also provide convenience for various types of launches. At the same time, the sea launch of “Ceres No. 1” will also be an important step for China’s civil and commercial aerospace. The mission was a complete success!

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On the 5th September 2023 .. Join us in celebrating the 35th Anniversary of MTR Hong Kong,  Light Rail as we embark on a journey with Kaki Sham, a devoted Light Rail fan who has lived in Tuen Mun since his youth, and explore how Light Rail has been an integral part of our lives, accompanying us through every moment. Come aboard the Light Rail to experience your own exclusive Light Rail journey moments. Together, let’s Ride to Connect, Ride to Discover.

Over the past 35 years, Light Rail has provided services to Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, and Tin Shui Wai. The system has offered travel convenience for the north-western New Territories and created special memories for passengers….

I’ve been taking the light rail for over 30 years, I have had a variety of experiences When travelling on the Light Rail.  I Remember going to the Hoh Fuk Tong stop with my parents and getting a treat after having a bad haircut..

My Friends and I used to take the Light Rail, and make bets on football matches with snacks, I got butterflies when I first held my girlfriend’s hand on the light rail.. We still travel around on the Light Rail to discover and explore new places…

Every stop I pass, gives me exclusive and unique memories. The different people and scenery I see make even ordinary journeys exciting and special ones. Every encounter brings more discoveries and place to explore.. So, How’s your Light rail journey.. ?

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#MadeInChina #中國製造| #中科宇航 #ZhongkeAerospace #ChinaAcademyOfScience #CASSPace #September2023 | #ReusableCarrierRocket #CarrierRocket eco systems. final assembly testing has been further improved! Lijian-1 Yaosan carrier rocket has completed the final assembly….

Beijing Zhongke Aerospace Exploration Technology Co., Ltd. is the first domestic aerospace enterprise with mixed ownership, and it is also the target enterprise that Oriental Aerospace Port focuses on introducing. Relying on the scientific research strength and resource advantages of the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Aerospace Flight Technology Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Aerospace Science and Technology has been committed to the research and development and integration of space technology and aerospace vehicles as a platform for the transformation of major national scientific research projects, as well as the transformation and provision of technological achievements. Aerospace launch service. The Lijian-1 rocket project also adds a brand-new name card to the Oriental Space Port, which will surely promote the construction of the Oriental Space Port to take a solid step forward.

Holding the torch of science and casting the heavy arrow of a great country | the ability of final assembly testing has been further improved! Lijian-1 Yaosan carrier rocket has completed the final assembly at the China Science and Technology Aerospace Industrialization Base and has entered the testing stage…

On August 19 2023, the Lijian-1 Yao-3 launch vehicle successfully completed the final assembly work as planned at the China Aerospace Industrialization Base. During this period, each final assembly link achieved the “three noes”: no accidents, no hidden dangers, and no redundant objects. , currently has the test conditions and is undergoing factory testing. It is planned to leave the factory in October and carry out the third launch mission at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

On August 19th 2023, the Lijian-1 Yao-3 launch vehicle successfully completed the final assembly work as planned at the China Aerospace Industrialization Base. During this period, each final assembly link achieved the “three noes”: no accidents, no hidden dangers, and no redundant objects. At present, the test conditions have been met, and the factory test is in progress. It is planned to leave the factory in October and carry out the third launch mission at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. The Lijian-1 launch vehicle successfully launched twice in a row, successfully sending a total of 32 satellites into predetermined orbits. The total weight of the satellites was nearly 2 tons, further promoting a new chapter in the flight launch of China’s commercial launch vehicles. Based on the accumulated practical experience of previous multi-engine missions, the China Aerospace General Assembly team has continuously improved the technical details. Based on the pulsating production line of the industrial base, it has optimized the entire assembly production process, applied automatic intelligent tooling equipment, and strengthened personnel organization and management. etc., shortening the final assembly cycle of Lijian-1 Yaosan launch vehicle to 30 days .

In order to meet the refined design requirements and production needs of the rocket assembly process, Zhongke Aerospace technicians independently designed a variety of tooling products to assist in the final assembly , which can be used to improve measurement accuracy, simplify operation difficulty, and improve product reliability. For example, due to the existence of the rotating shaft, the zero position measurement of the servo system is difficult to locate and read with ordinary vernier calipers or steel rulers. In order to solve this problem, technicians designed special tooling according to actual needs, which effectively solved the difficulty of positioning and inaccurate readings. problem, greatly improving the accuracy and efficiency of measurement.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to improve the level of product launch services, the factory test project of the Lijian-1 Yaosan launch vehicle adopted a de-mission design , subverting the traditional process of waiting for the launch mission to be confirmed before carrying out test design, making the rocket production And the test cycle is greatly shortened, and the process is greatly simplified.

Zhongke Aerospace Technology Industrialization Base – a world-class serial launch vehicle production base built by Zhongke Aerospace. It is located in Nansha, the only sub-center of Guangzhou. It is mainly used for the development, production, and development of a series of solid and liquid launch vehicles. Testing, final assembly and testing have formed a complete manufacturing service system, marking the official entry into the stage of mass production, large-scale operation and serial development. The base has the final assembly and testing capabilities to produce 30 launch vehicles per year, the manufacturing and assembly capabilities of electronic equipment, and the production capabilities of launch vehicle structural compartments and storage tanks . At present, a semi-physical simulation laboratory, a comprehensive laboratory, etc. have been built, and have the capabilities of semi-physical simulation test and comprehensive test .

Zhongke Aerospace is the first commercial aerospace enterprise in China to develop medium and large-scale launch vehicles . With innovative, advanced, and efficient design ideas, it develops innovative, advanced, and economical launch vehicles. It is capable of undertaking low-orbit satellite constellation construction and space station cargo transportation. Ability. The Lijian-1 carrier rocket has a series of outstanding advantages such as large carrying capacity, high orbital accuracy, high inherent reliability, fast response, high launch efficiency, low support requirements, low launch cost, flexible and convenient use, and good environmental adaptability. , is a medium-sized launch vehicle with core competitiveness in the current commercial rocket launch market, and can provide high-quality, low-cost, and fast-response customized launch services for domestic and foreign satellite users .

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