#AIRBUS #A330Neo |#FWW #MSN1795- in the making of the milestone Number one – From construction to certification…

During this year there was a new series of Airbus aircrafts that’s taking shape, in which that series has a designation Neo Series. In which the Neo series programme first start out in during early this year with the Airbus 321-Neo with an innovative new optional CFM International’s LEAP-1A engines as part of the certification process along with the new standard Pratt and Witney – PW1100G-JM engines…..  Where in this case the new series of A330neo’s engine is a newly installed Roll Royce Trent 7000 series engine… in which increasing lift with the new wing tip with the reduction of drag with the extended wing of 3.7 meters it’ll increase the lift also reducing the drag also fuel consumption, in which that testing of the A330neo’s first flight is planned for 19 October 2017 from France’s Toulouse-Blagnac Airport.

The New Airbus 330neo’s in the 800’s and the 900’s  is wide body aircraft among with its Younger sister A350 series, in with sleek aerodynamics improvements in which the wings of the aircraft is with the latest next Generation inflight cabin  Airbus Airspace technologies…..  in that cabin technologies is translated into the next generation  in which it focus on Airbus design elements on creating comfort, ambiance, services and designs with highest standards of luxury… in providing the standard 257 to the high density of 406 seating configuration for moderate long haul flights..

As the introduction of the Airbus 330neo’s 800’s and the 900’s series begins three testing models are assembled one for the aerial first flight, the second is the cabin, then it’s the electronics.. in which three testing aircraft are to test for performances also any other required corrections are to be made during the testing, also during certification..


CATHY PACIFIC | Boeing 747 series #Cathy747 fleet… is heading for retirement….

As airliners carriers purchase for more Eco-economical –fuel efficiency aircraft also its design wise, there’s a trend going on for the replacement for those type of class of aircraft as “Cathy Pacific” is now ongoing towards that in replacing its aging passengers operating Boeing 747-400 fleet that being serving the almost 37 years as its replacement  for the Airbus 350-800 series in which does provide the same role but with more regular flights to cover the numbers…    also other airliners, Air France, will do the same as well to  during the retirement process, as it replace the aging Boeing 747 with Airbus 380’s  or the newly Boeing 747-800 series has those fleet goes towards into being in storage, or into boneyard facility..