#MadeInChina #中國製造 #ExPace | #November2022太原卫星发射中心  #TaiyuanSatelliteLaunchCenter  #CASIC Rocket Technology Company #Expace #PrivateChineseSpaceCompany #Wuhan #CarrierRocketCompany #CarrierRocket #Kuaizhou  11 #KX11 The capacity of the new “space courier” has been upgraded! What “big moves” will my country’s commercial spaceflight have?

Currently at the moment 中國製造 Expace Technology Corporation- a CASIC -China aerospace science and industry corporation has been very busy in building a New Carrier Rocket Factory in Wuhan National Aerospace Industrial Base in which the base will be in operations in May 2020   Kuaizhou Rocket Industrial Park that forms the manufacturing of twenty plus more Kuaizhou Rockets also its other sister larger carrier rockets in process of The assembly test capability of 20 solid launch vehicles……in which is now in operation……

 On November 2022 The capacity of the new “space courier” has been upgraded and Kuaizhou two  is planned to launch at the end of the year…..  In the rocket industrial park of Wuhan National Aerospace Industry Base, it only takes a few days to complete the assembly of a rocket, and it takes about seven days. Complete the final assembly test and deliver to the launch base for launch. Kuaizhou-11, a new generation of solid carrier rocket developed by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, has arrived at the launch site and is scheduled to launch at the end of the year. Compared with the Kuaizhou-1A rocket currently used for commercial space launches, this new solid carrier rocket has Ability has been greatly improved. From two hundred kilograms to one ton, Kuaizhou 11 not only increased its capacity, but also loaded more satellites into space.

At present, As a new engine for high-end equipment, launch vehicles are the focus of competition among countries. In the future, how will my country China, People’s Republic of China exert its strength in the field of commercial aerospace? Let’s pay attention together…..

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#AMBITION #ESA- EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY- #NASA | #ROSETTA – A short film on reflecting of the Comet landing Mission….

“Once apond a time, this one is a good one I promise.. What is the key to life on Earth…..? Water…  “The Master- Aidan Gillen- to the Apprentice- Aisling Franciosi…..

Produced by award winning Platige Image… Featuring Aidan Gillen from Game of thrones as Lord Petyr Baelish- littlefinger, also Aisling Franciosi also from Game of Thrones as Lady Lyanna Stark…  Both play a Narratives storyline between the Teacher- Master and An Apprentice for the Short Film of “Ambition” in which was developed for story play of the “ESA- European Space Agency Rosetta Comet Mission” …. As the Apprentice- Aisling, in training in mastering , understanding  the force of manipulating nature, in utilizing the usage of Nano Technology, on an alien world outside of the Sol System..  as she creates, manipulated nature in creating a stone monolith she seeming distraught why her Monolith structure disintegrated…. It is through understanding during the process that her master- Aiden, inspires her in a process, of looking back in a key moment in Earth’s history in where a Mission on landing a probe on the comet Rosetta also capturing it, in as he creates a model of the Sol-Solar System..  in explaining what is the most or many important component  the key to life on Earth .. Water..  As he explains where the water came from.. Comes from the comets, rocks from space as they impact onto Earth and yet so devastators of life, but also bringers…

The short film “Ambition” uses various resources from the Rosetta partnership NASA, ESA, SDO in creating the informative short film.. in which  Rosetta met up on the Comet on 30th September 2016, landing historically a solar powered lander probe name Philae..

Directed by: Tomek Bagiński
Idea/Concept/Development: Fish Ladder
CG/VFX Supervisor: Jakub Knapik
Executive Producers: Mark Mccaughrean [ESA], Marcin Kobylecki, Jarosław Sawko, Piotr Sikora [Platige image)