#MadeInChina #中國製造 #中國 | #东方空间 #OrienSpace #November2023 | Developing Assembling  to launch the adorable cute #引力一号 #GravityOne Yao 1 Carrier Rocket planned for first sea flight in #December2023..

东方空间 OrienSpace is one of sixty plus Carrier Rocket Companies in Made In China, People’s Republic of China.. Located in headquartered in Beijing, B3, Digital Manor, No. 1 Disheng West Road, Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Daxing District, Beijing………Shandong Address: No. 30, Nanjing Street, Economic Development Zone, Haiyang City, Yantai City, Shandong Province………Shaanxi Address: 4th Floor, Northwest Building, Eleven Science and Technology, National Civil Aerospace Industry Base, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province…….Hainan Address: Room 125, 1st Floor, Building 20, No. 169, Wenwei Road, Wencheng Town, Wenchang City, Hainan Province…

Established in 2020, Dongfang Space is mainly engaged in space transportation. It is a design and manufacturing service company for launch vehicles and new aerospace vehicles. Through the research and development of the “Gravity” series of launch vehicles, the company has created serialized, diversified, and flight-based aerospace transportation products such as one-time use, recyclable reuse, and manned flight, and quickly formed low-cost, large-scale, and convenient launches. Service capability, committed to becoming the world’s most respected provider of commercial aerospace products and launch services, so that everyone can realize the dream of spaceflight…….

The actual shape of this bevel cone seems to be a bit sharper than the one in the animation and model?

[The Orient Space Gravity-1 launch vehicle plans to make its first flight at the Oriental Space Port in December this year] Orient Space’s first “Gravity-1” launch vehicle will make its first flight at the Oriental Space Port in Yantai, Shandong in December this year. Aiming at the demand for rapid launch services of low-orbit constellations and medium- and large-scale satellites, the low-Earth orbit carrying capacity of “Gravity-1” is as high as 6.5 tons, which will increase the capacity of the largest commercial space rocket in China by about three times and will effectively help my country improve its medium- and large-scale satellites. Space payload rapid response launch capability.

“Gravity-1” is China’s first commercial space rocket with a bundled design and the world’s first all-solid bundled rocket. The rocket has a three-stage and semi-configuration. The booster stage is bundled with four solid motors. Each unit is more than 10 meters in height, 2.65 meters in diameter, and has a thrust of up to 155 tons. It will provide 600 tons of thrust for the rocket to take off, making the “gravity force” -1″ can achieve a low-Earth orbit carrying capacity of up to 6.5 tons…

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