#STARTREKONLINE- ZEFILMS | The Tier six #SutherlandClass – Advance Research Starship – The Daughter of the Nebula Class… what’s to come..

Coming soon to your drydock, is the “Tier Six Science vessel, Advance Research Vessel- the Sutherland Class” Orthough the Sutherland has the elementally features of the Nebula class in which is the jointly hull with the Saucer section, with the Miranda class look, with the sensor plates arrays platform nacelle on top of the saucer section. but with a description of heavier sleeker look like wearing a Little  Tardis Science blue, black Qipao dress with Doc Martin boots accessorizing with geeky science gadgets, with a snipers rifle to kick butt to science it out while firing phasers…..

The Sutherland Class is three of the classes, drawn from the inspirational upgrades, with the Galaxy, Galaxy dreadnought, towards the retrofitted upgrade tier variants, in such as Andromeda, also Yamato Dreadnought class cruisers…  However the parts are interchangeable when you go to your local shipyard, or drydock facilities… The Sutherland is viable for Vice Admiral Rank in Starfleet. Also there is a Fleet Variant as well too…  Console – Universal wise it does comes with a Tachyon Particle Field Emitter, with this ability it drains your opponent shields damage, and also it vice versa hardens your shielding debuffing providing with this your allies will have shied regeneration. With Starship Drainage also Shield restoration.. Once you level up on the Starship Trait leveling to five it’ll reduces your opponents shields with shielding damage.. Also in vice versa hardening up yours..  Also Once the Sutherland class is out from drydock I’ll further review more in the process…


STAR TREK ONLINE | a new tier six Andromeda class…?

Star Trek Online – tier six Andromeda class.

In this coming month of April, a new ship is in construction on the same lines adjacent to the same lines of the Galaxy and the Venture class Starships.. In this case an Exploration Cruiser… Was build the “Andromeda Class” this this the design linage is based off the Galaxy and the Pathfinder giving a more structured harden look..

In which of as an updated version.. it has a very much more advancement that the traditional Galaxy class with Absorptive Plating, Rapid Repairs, Enhanced plating, an Armoured Hulling.. Also has your exploration goes with you Andromeda Class goes your will received the Starship Trait skill set of Explosive Polarity Shift… as extra console abilities it has the Molecular Cohesion Nullifier Field..  in which generating a field given the case to create temporary damage resistances also increases you sub systems powering levels up..  To fight the fight a little bit longer…!

tier six Andromeda class..

As for the set given the Universal Anti matter spread, saucer separation, Molecular cohesion nullifier with those in mind it’ll give you and Increase turn rate, engine power, and increase to shields, and shield regeneration given in combat a reduction to energy damage to shields..

The Andromeda Class is pretty much a formidable ship.. Given with its size it a almost half the size of a Odyssey class it can out manoeuvre of that ship of that class given it smaller component size of a saucer separation.. and having four forward and rear weapons console it’s basically a torpedo and beam arrays ship hence it gives you the maximum advantage in covering your defenses..

The Andromeda Class Starship specs -via Star Trek online….

  • Tier: 6
  • Faction: Starfleet
  • Required Rank: Vice Admiral
  • Hull Strength: 45,885 at level 50 and 53,200 at level 60
  • Shield Modifier: 1
  • Crew: 1000
  • Fore Weapons: 4
  • Aft Weapons: 4
  • Device Slots: 4
  • Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Commander Tactical, 1 Lieutenant Commander Engineering/Command, 1 Commander Engineering, 1 Lieutenant Science, 1 Ensign Universal
  • Console Modifications: 3 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 3 Science
  • Base Turn Rate: 6 degrees/second
  • Impulse Modifier: 0.15
  • Friction/Traction: 25
  • +5 to all power levels
  • Console – Universal – Molecular Cohesion Nullifier Field
  • Starship Ability Package (Cruiser)
    • Absorptive Plating
    • Rapid Repairs
    • Enhanced Plating
    • Armored Hull
    • Explosive Polarity Shift (Starship Trait)
  • Cruiser Command Array
    • Command – Strategic Maneuvering
    • Command – Shield Frequency Modulation
    • Command – Weapon System Efficiency
    • Command – Attract Fire