#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 #中國| #香港國際機場 #HKIA #HongKongInternationalAirport #December2021| #HongKongInternationAirportCity newest #ThirdRunway is now operationally as #07L #25R …..

 On 2nd December 2021 In a Newest Runway December 2021, the Hong Kong Airport Authority- Hong Kong International Airport- Hong Kong International Airport City ….. introducing 香港國際機場Hong Kong International Airport. – Hong Kong International Airport City newest operational third runway in which a new re-designation of three runways ….  As another major Three-runway System milestone, we have re-designated the existing North Runway (07L/25R) at #HKIA as the Centre Runway (07C/25C)!

This morning, we closed the original North Runway for the final re-designation procedures, which included updating the runway designation markings, and the mandatory 07L and 25R instruction markings on the runway and taxiways, which are now 07C and 25C respectively. We have also refreshed movement area guidance signs on the airfield, as well as relevant equipment and procedures for our air traffic control and airport operations control systems.

The Third Runway, which will be in operation in 2022, will be designated as the new North Runway (07L/25R).

The works of expanding Hong Kong International Airport into a three runway system are ongoing As the Third Runway will be commission in 2022, the North Runway needs to be re-designated as the Centre Runway as 07L/25R to 07C/25C ….. Before re-designation Manuals and documents updates, also systems testing with New Signage Preparation ….

On the 1st December 2021, on 2345 Hong Kong SAR- Beijing time Briefing before re-designation works, on 2nd December 2021 0000 Hong Kong SAR-Beijing time the North Runway Closes for the replacements moment area guidance signs with new runway markings in with inspection by relevant parties among that with updating various systems … On the Same day 2nd December 2021 0635 morning Hong Kong SAR- Beijing time… it was the final runway inspection …. The Centre runway in operation the first aircraft lands, following the first commercial flight lands at the same day at 1009 Hong Kong SAR- Beijing time, The Runway re-designation signifies a milestones in the Three runway systems project

On September 7, 2021, the Hong Kong Airport Authority held the completion ceremony of the third runway paving project, marking an important milestone in the three-runway system project of Hong Kong International Airport.
The other major three-runway system facilities of the project include the expansion of the second passenger terminal, the construction of the T2 passenger corridor, the new passenger rapid transit system and the high-speed baggage handling system, etc., which are scheduled to be completed in 2024.
In the future, Hong Kong International Airport will make every effort to turn a city airport into an airport city, improve airport transportation facilities, provide diversified travel services, and create a convenient and comfortable travel experience for passengers…..

In addition to the runway re-designation, other preparation work for the targeted commissioning of the Third Runway in 2022 will include exercises, drills, trials and documentation work. Thereafter the Centre Runway will be closed for reconfiguration, conducted in parallel with other works of the 3RS project, with the target of completing the construction of the 3RS in 2024 as planned.

BOEING | 747-8’s Lufthansa –landing at LAX. – Plane spotting…?

Given that you love watching space shuttle landings… in either in Kennedy space centre or at Armstrong Space Center in California… Previous renamed from Hugh L. Dryden Space Center… as of honoring the late Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong….  In this you see a” Boeing 747-830” (D-ABYK)-LH456 “Lufthansa”, landing gently onwards to the runway of Los Angeles international Airport from Frankfurt…   with it undercarriage down… landing also without any direction of wind shear of influence… as LH456 lands it makes it way to its terminal to off load it’s passengers and cargo and refreshes onward s to another sets of destination in mind.. Vlogging done by You Tuber “Soltaucruiser” on the month of January 2014…