#ULA – UNITED LAUNCH ALLIANCE | #ATLASV #NROL79 Launching profile of what’s to come on a Vandenberg West Coast Morning ..


On 1st March 2017 on a Wednesday Morning on Vandenberg Air Force Base, from” ULA- United Launch Alliance”  Space Launch Complex SLC-3 is the launch of the United States National Reconnaissance Office launch Designation number 79….   In which will be launched towards a LEO- Low Earth Orbit attitude in which will be operated as a Navel Reconnaissance Satellite … in which is basically designed to tracking ships also Aircraft based on their radio signals in using various triangulation methods ..

The NROL-79 main rocket carrier is the Lockheed Martin Atlas V with a (401) configuration in which one Atlas V main stage with a Centaur secondary carrier stage carrying the NROL-79 into a Low Earth Orbit…

The launch of the Atlas five -401 configuration from Vandenberg Air Force Base from Space Launch Complex – SLC 3 is scheduled for 0950 morning Pacific Standard Time.. among with at broadcast of the launch commencing at 0930 morning Pacific Standard Time..