#GOOGLE |#SolarEclipse – 21st August 2017- Eclipse Megamovie- Chasing the Totality…


During the 21st August 2017 over the United States of America time, an Astronomical event that happens over a centennial in which a Solar Eclipse in which the New Moon transited across in between the Nearest Star- Sun and the Earth…. In which transited across from the Corner of west coast towards the lower corner east coast in which during the event the innovative team at Google decide to make a mega movie of the Solar Eclipse in which capturing the moment at the time using various capable camera device mediums when the Moon eclipses the Sun..

During this event Google partnership with UC Berkeley, The Astronomical Society of the Pacific along with others from amateurs to professional photographers, to capture the event with over 1,300 citizen Scientist to photograph  the Totality in which your locations was also an essential part of the observation in getting those data sets in developing the Eclipse Mega Movie.. In which one of the interesting points was to capture the Sun’s Corona in which during the event capturing open source of invaluable data with that dark moment while the Moon’s Umbra transiting in creating a Megamovie of the Solar Eclipse 2017.. in which you can view the event through VR using #GoogleExpeditions…….

Also best not to look at the solar eclipse with a naked eye through an unfiltered telescope.. make sure you have a filtered telescope or optical equipment..