#STARTREKONLINE | The Heavy Cruiser- Constitution retrofit variant class new dresses….

In recently there’s been a new dress makeover for the Constitution class retrofit on Star Trek Online... As they steady update the feel of hull texturing of the Constitution class, as the previous one still available as type one material hulling in which they roll out two new dresses texturing the Type eight, also Type Eight B.. In which gives back to the original hull pearliest shades of bridal whites texturing that was featured in the Motion picture that progressive further into the other features of the other ships in the fleet..

The hull texturing dates back to Andrew Probert, The Constitution Class retrofit with the Pearliest bridal whites Aztec texturing.. Also with the new dressing it comes with much numerous detail changes from the older look to the Andrew Probert look, in which you can see more detailing along the saucer section sensor strip along with the engineering hulling warp core line that’s seen from the Connie’s neckline towards the engineering section….  Along with the changes are the larger windows of the Botanical Gardens in levels 21 and 20… Also with the shuttle hanger in which there was lack in detail previously now it looks more active with activities through the windows of the ship with the new windows with the original decaling there also the recreation deck windows on level six..

The new hulling dressing makeover is lovely it’s true to attention to detail with the decaling in which it soft complexion with an Aztec lacy layering…..